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If it ain’t broke, break it!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
By Neel Shah

Never mind Denmark, something seems rotten in the Mumbai Customs, where four officers of Superintendent level, posted in two significant departments – Central Intelligence Unit (CIU) and Special Investigation and Intelligence Branch (SIIB) – were abruptly and pre-maturely transferred  last week on January 11.

Superintendents M K Sharma and D K Tyagi are the two officers who were posted with SIIB, while Superintendents S Bhalla and Mistry were posted in CIU. The normal tenure of the officers in these two departments is normally up to two years. Of these officers, some were posted to the department a year back. One of them has been posted out after just four or five months.

The authorities responsible for their transfers did not give any reason for the out of turn move. In fact, the officers have an impeccable track record. This, sources in the customs informed, has happened for the first time in the history of customs department, that officers who have investigated a dozen sensitive cases, including smuggling and tax evasion, leading the public exchequer to rake in a whopping amount of more than Rs 6 crore, have been subjected to treatment that actually looks like a punishment!

Underscoring this is the fact that from March 2010 to March 2011, no cases were made by then sleuths posted in the two high-profile departments of customs, said sources. As a consequence, the reputation of the two departments actually nosedived. Around this time the officers now posted out were brought in.

There are two types of cases investigated by the sleuths of CIU and SIIB. First, an investigation into any case, which is referred to the unit by concerned authorities of the customs. Second, the sleuths of these two units themselves make cases against the criminal offences they come across.

The backdrop to the sudden transfers is the four officers’ transparent investigations, which actually neutralized the operations of several smugglers as well as tax evaders. “It becomes apparent that some top level customs officers are not too keen on retaining them and the reasons why will not be too far to seek. There is a customs-smugglers-tax-evader nexus,” asserted a custom officer requesting anonymity.

These officers started with the bang under the stewardship of IRS officer (ACP) Mohit Agarwal, heading the SIIB unit. One Chaudhary, owner of Tanya Trading and allegedly a notorious smuggler, was arrested for smuggling in mechanical equipment. Another inquiry was conducted on one Anand Singh, involved in the tax evasion racket of Chattian stone, used, according to sources, in the manufacture of belts and high end watches. Nearly a dozen such high profile and sensitive cases were investigated, which led to the crackdown on some organized syndicates.

When the ADC contacted Roopam Kapoor, commissioner of customs (Export) and Ajit Kumar, commissioner of customs (Import) both said, “We are not aware about any such transfers and we have not issued any such orders.”


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