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Creating A Niche In High-Tech Areas

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Sanjay is a SAP Solution Architect working in USA. He has worked in many countries for past 12 years and advised many global clients on ERP (Enterprise Resource and Planning) implementation for their Real Estate Portfolio. Sanjay is co inventor of 2Klicks Apps and jointly holds copyright of the product in USA. Born, brought up and educated from Mumbai, he has been working in USA and many other countries for the past 12 years and has consulted many Fortune 15 companies on their Real Estate portfolio Management. Sanjay has domain expertise in SAP Real Estate Module which is considered an extremely niche area….He recently ventured to make it even more specialized by developing some App products for SAP Real Estate. The App software products were given copyright approvals in USA. Recently hisproject and products were selected for a big Conference in USA. SAP’s Oil & Gas Best Practice Conference is an annual mega corporate event attended by big Oil & Gas Corporate executives and representatives from all over the world. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, he speaks about the future of SAP solutions and it's potential for growth across businesses

What drives you?
I have traveled all over the world and have advised big and best companies on IT/ERP implementations. I have seen many business users and consultants going thru same pain points again and again. I strongly believe that Information Technlogy should be leveraged to the maximum possible extent to address pain points and make lives comfortable. Three things which drive me most are - unlimited innovation potential in IT, Huge Market Size and above all - Making IT Simpler, Better and Faster for people all over the world.

How big is the potential for a business like yours? Any statistics to compare with international standards?
For ERP, there are thousands of companies and millions of users all over the world and faster data management is becoming more and more crucial for businesses every passing day. I would say the scope is unlimited. I am also actively working on Mobile Apps. We all know that there are billions of smart phone users and Apps already are, and continue to be the next big thing.Yes right now I do have a big Oi & Gas midstream customer in North America using my products. As a consultant/Solution Architect, I have already advised many big clients (including few Fortune 15 companies) on their Real Estate portfolio management on ERP software. More and more companies are now taking their portfolio management functions seriously and including it in their core focus area so there is a vast potential in consulting as well. Numbers are difficult to project and will depend on many factors in ever changing IT world but I would say about $5-10 million in near future should be achievable.

Examples of companies coming out from nowhere and changing the world are plenty in the last 5 - 10 years. All it takes is one great idea, flawless execution and effective marketing to grow exponentially.

How do you plan to scale up; raise funds through seed or venture capital or simply grow the old fashioned way through rising turnovers?
For scaling up, I do plan to work on both the tracks - Off course product innovations and networking to sell products to more and more customers and growing up the turnover is an ongoing activity but I know innovations and product development is costly and needs funds. I do plan to raise funds thru venture capital and bringing professional investors on board with me. Being in US, there is a potential and access to the angel investors internationally which I can tap in near future. I also plan to take my company public if all goes well.

Who would primarily be your consumer audience?
Right now my focus is on ERP and I am seeing a very encouraging trend of big ERP companies investing heavily on making their products more open and flexible. I am working actively on making my products more wider and deeper. I already have a copyright and am filing for patent on my data management methods and would like to leverage these to make products applicable to wider ERP users. If I succeed, Most of Fortune 500 companies, thousands of ERP using corporate and millions of ERP users would be my customers. I would also continue to operate in the Consulting domain and provide niche consulting service to big corporate in the Real Estate portfolio Management space.I am also actively working on Mobile Apps and that opens a very big market for me all over the world. My aim is serve more and more customers in different domains and simplify lives.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
I see myself growing in ERP and Mobile Apps domains and world class IT Apps across the board which can be used by common as well as niche IT users. Consulting is in my DNA so I would continue to consult clients on their ERP and IT Landscapes. I also plan to take my company public in 5-7 years of time.

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