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'Changing the way Students Study in India'

Friday, April 26, 2019

Mohit Bansal, Founder and CEO, iChamp

iChamp was launched in 2018 by Mohit Bansal, a serial entrepreneur who holds rich experience in education and gaming industry. He identified that the biggest challenge for kids from class 1 to 8 was not understanding of concepts but Lack of Practice. These insights became a stepping stone for iChamp, India’s only truly gamified education platform – combining all the key parameters that define “gamification”, namely – Competition, Rewards/Recognition and Fun.

The core of iChamp practice engine is a series of short duration quizzes/challenges that a child takes – either individually or against a group of students selected from across the country. They have recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding. The investment is led by Singapore-based Ariana Investment Management’s CEO Raju Shukla. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Mohit says, “iChamp ensures that students solve hundreds of questions in a fun, easy to learn environment.”

What is the idea behind iChamp?
Students have a habit of rote learning in India. They memorize formulas and concepts and feel very confident about most formula-driven or arithmetic topics, but at the time of exams do not score as per their potential. The general excuse given is “Silly mistakes”. At iChamp, we believe that conceptual clarity comes only from the proper application of concepts. Unless a child understands how to apply formulas and solve questions, he/she cannot claim to have conceptual clarity in that topic. Unfortunately, in India, education companies do not go beyond showing concept related videos/multimedia content to children. There is zero focus on getting the child to practice hundreds and thousands of questions related to core concepts. This is what iChamp does, and that too in an environment where the kid feels self-motivated to solve questions.

How are you different from others?
All education companies in India focus only on concepts, whereas iChamp focuses more on the practice and application of concepts. For classes 1 to 8, most concepts are easy for the child to grasp, but they do not practice enough to gain confidence in that topic. iChamp ensures that students solve hundreds of questions in a fun, easy to learn environment. While most education apps use only animation as a tool for gamification, iChamp employs the 3 basic elements of gamification - challenge, reward, and fun. Kids learn through a series of challenges, win rewards and get to have fun while doing it.

Any expansion plans?
We will shortly be launching more subjects and expand up to class 12th. The plan is also to cover more state curriculums. In terms of App features, we are working on adding newer and unique question formats, challenges and tournaments. There will also be a section wherein students can select gifts sponsored by various companies, free of cost.

Your vision for the companya and where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We feel that an app like iChamp is the need of the hour for Indian students. In the coming 5 years, we hope to have a user base of at least 10 million students and become the defacto app for learning in India, across age groups and curriculums.

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