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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Rohit Murgai, Head for Beauty and Hair at VLCC Health Care Ltd. - Spokesperson for Ericson

Rohit Murgai is an astute beauty industry professional for over two decades. He started his foray into the realm in the Middle East when he was heading Marketing and Operations for the salon chain, Frank Provost (Paris). His skills at VLCC have been to astutely manage the Beauty category across India for Skin & Hair Care, Plus MakeUp. Along with the Beauty team, they introduce new top of line global  service innovations for the India market. The globally renowned market leader skin care line, Ericson Laboratoire (Paris) is the latest cosmedermat offering now been brought to for the most discerning customers. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Rohit talks about VLCC's tie up with French skincare brand Ericson Laboratoire and the latest trends in the industry.

Tell us more about your tie up with French skincare brand Ericson Laboratoire. Products USP and are these products available in the market?
Ericson Laboratoire is a world renowned premium and world class French skin care brand created by a Swedish doctor in the 1960s, which is now exclusively serviced and retailed from VLCC Healthcare Centers in India. The brand is an established global leader in skincare and best known for:

  • Scientific innovation for more originality, medico-esthetic oriented skin care for credibility and reliability
  • The response to all skin types and all skin problems with a multi-therapy concept
  • Innovative molecules coming from bio-medical and pharmaceutical research, achievements of Nobel Prize winners
  • Active ingredients working ahead of metabolic processes (on genes, on nuclear receptors)

We have launched 5 of their 14 premium range of facial treatments and homecare range across VLCC centers in India.

What are the latest trends in the hair and beauty industry?
Nowadays, people are catering to the needs of the informed, concerned and discerning clients who are well aware of their skin /hair care and vitality. They seek solutions that are consistent with products and brand promise. Awareness of Active ingredients that actually work is also a new trend as clients tend to read up about what’s being used on their skin and hair. Charcoal based products along with organic lines are also coming to the forefront.
More males are investing in wellbeing and healthcare now. Your comments?
Males have always invested very well in healthcare. However, they are now investing more in wellness solutions as it not only caters to male vanity, but also offers solutions for holistic wellbeing. Men are now comfortable getting shots of Botulinum Toxin to reduce crow’s feet or getting a jab of Voluma and other Hylauronic fillers for contouring, hydration and improved facial aesthetics. Nowadays, they don’t even hesitate session of Cryolipolysis for improved body shaping, and in turn their health.
Quick tips for this festive season?

  • Don’t stuff your face with goodies, no matter how tempted you are! Over eating in festivals does give us all extra handles.
  • Just in case you give in to temptation of festive goodies, start your weight correction program immediately. Choose a Coolsculpting (Cryolipolysis) session soon enough.
  • Use a Sulphate Free Shampoo and Conditioner always after a Keratin/smoothening Hair treatment.
  • Get your hair frizz free with smoothening products, serums and light oils like Moroccan or Macadamia.
  • Blow dry your hair more as we love manes with volume instead of flat ironing them.
  • Always do adequate Hair Spa and Deep Hair conditioning for better health of your hair.
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