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'Bringing world class technology to the consumers'

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Rajesh Doshi, Co-founder, Director, Zebronics

A science graduate and gold-medallist from Loyola College, Chennai, Rajesh Doshi,  co-Founder and Purchase & Marketing Director of Top Notch Infotronix India (Zebronics) is a first generation entrepreneur and a 'visionary' in the true sense. Doshi is the driving force behind brand Zebronics. Top Notch Infotronix India started in 1997 and launched products under the Zebronics brand identity. Under his leadership, the Zebronics brand has seen a substantial acceleration. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Doshi speaks about his brand Zebronics and why its products will always have an aesthetic appeal.

How is the computer hardware and peripherals market spanning in India?
The IT Peripherals space is shrinking or stagnant with mobile computing getting more powerful and useful. The peripherals are moving towards smaller form factors and are being designed for less clutter. However, the market is getting consolidated as only a few companies are left in this segment because of the shrinking market and thin margins. Having said so, we still have been showing strong and consistent growth as we are currently the only pan Indian brand which is still fully focused on IT peripherals.

What are some of the challenges that you face?
The major challenge would be thin profit, but due to consumers trust and loyalty in a brand of 20 years, Zebronics has a clear advantage over opportunistic brands. Pan India presence with service support in more than 128 locations differentiates us from other seasonal brands. The growth of our brand was also aided by the fact that we have regularly introduced newer models into the market, lead innovation in terms of features, styling, new categories etc. We introduce at least 4-5 new products every month in IT Peripherals segment.

How are you different from others in this field?
Zebronics has an in-house Test and Development department, monitoring the latest developments in the field of technology and innovation to find more suitable products that suit the Indian market. Our R&D team has been able to design products which are more in line with the local requirements and are budget friendly value for money.

Zebronics is also a brand with wide range of product line across IT peripherals, LED TV, Speakers, and surveillance. With 31 branches offices across India, we are on a mission mode to expand and reach to our customers even in smaller towns. More than 128 service centers across the nation offer quality after-sales support. We are a responsible brand with various CSR programs like Zeb-Learn, Zeb-Health, Zeb-Tech, Zeb-Environment and more.

Which is the fastest growing market?
In the product lines we carry, the market now seems to be that of speakers. We are steadily witnessing growth in this segment. Our speakers are called as The Sound Monsters, that deliver a clear, loud and thunderous sound, something we as Indians love listening to. Apart from sound we also try to make the speakers looks great aesthetically.

Technological advancements and the ever-existing love for music are the factors for our focus on this segment. In this segment, we have 5.1/4.1/2.1/2.0 speakers, tower speakers, portable speakers, the recent 3 months, we have launched at least 30 products in audio. we have also done exceptionally well in the just concluded festive season. The response for these Sound Monster range has been tremendously good.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We shall continue to bring out the best in the world of technology to the consumers, who always look forward to the latest in technology. We are an ambitious brand and set goals and achieve them. Currently, we are a No. 1 brand in IT Peripherals and aim to become the leader in consumer electronics segment like Speakers and Televisions. In the speaker vertical we are doing really good. In addition to lots of models now available, we plan to unveil new and innovative models with rich features, that are great on design and easy on pocket. Another area where we have set our sights is the surveillance market. A wide range of surveillance cameras are available in the market under Zebronics brand.

And as we live in an era where the tech market is changing at a very faster pace, we shall dynamically adapt to those changes to stay “Always Ahead” in the market by launching the right products at the right time and by grasping the customer requirements.

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