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'Bringing technological solutions to every Indian home'

Friday, March 17, 2017

Keshav Bansal, Director, Intex Technologies (India) Ltd. & Owner, Gujarat Lions

As the Director of one of the fastest growing technology companies in India, Keshav Bansal is responsible for piloting the company towards its goal of becoming the leading technology brand globally. In his role, he focuses on articulating the organization’s desired image and position such that the brand continues to resonate strongly with both internal and external stakeholders.

He implemented several innovative marketing ideas and was able to catapult Intex as a preferred consumer electronics brand. Keshav Bansal in 2016 has been bestowed with many prestigious awards. He has recently been honored by Smile Studio with the ‘Dynamic Entrepreneur Award’ and the Extraordinaire Award for being a ‘Young Dynamic Leader’ by Times Now. Keshav is also the youngest owner of an Indian Premier League (IPL) team - Gujarat Lions.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Keshav reveals his vision of making Intex a global leader and raising the lifestyle standards of Indians and bringing them technological solutions.

What drives you?
I love what I do and my passion drives me to achieve something new each day. I believe that there is no substitute for hard work and that with commitment and conviction in your beliefs, one can overcome the highest of mountains and motivate oneself to be the best version of themselves. I also must mention that my biggest inspiration are my parents who are living examples of assiduousness, perseverance and stellar achievement. My father who built the company is a man of substance and has taught me that hardship is necessary for success. I attribute much of my personality to my mother who has ensured (that) my sister and I grow up in a balanced, down to earth environment with a balance between family values and business prowess.

What would you say makes you different from other brands?
Our passion for our product and the vision that Intex shares with its internal and external stakeholders to innovate constantly. We hold quality and accessibility in high regard and endeavour to make every Indian experience technology in each segment – home, fitness, communication – you name it! We also lay high impetus on nouveau marketing strategies for the company – be it regional brand ambassadors to products that change lifestyle and habits in every city. Intex also works like a family, we take care of our employees and our teams, in turn, take us to greater heights. Intex is a big family and we support each other through hail and storm.

Your vision for the company?
My primary vision is to make Intex a global leader in the product categories we operate in. This I believe can, in turn, raise lifestyle standards for each Indian and bring technological solutions to every Indian home and to transform the organization's desired image and position in such a way that it continues to resonate strongly with both internal and external stakeholders, for decades to come.

What are some of the challenges that you face?
My biggest challenge is surpassing my own expectations - I want to break my own records, transcend my own set goals to perform better each day (than i did the previous day). In hindsight, I also think that one of the biggest challenges I faced since I joined Intex Technologies 4 years back, was to be accepted and earn respect as a leader for the 11,000 workforce we have. I started my career in Intex with the logistics department and eventually joined the company’s marketing team. Last year, I was given recognition as the director of Intex Technologies and also the proud owner of Gujarat Lions IPL Team – it hasn’t been an easy trek but it has surely been worth it!

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
I endeavour to make Intex India’s answer to global technology worldwide and also hope I can be a humble businessman and loving son, brother and humanitarian whilst we achieve greater successes.

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