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'Bringing delight in people’s lives'

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Anil Sarda, Managing Director, Soulflower

A conscientious and self-motivated individual with great enthusiasm and determination to succeed, Amit Sarda, Co-Founder at Soulflower, heads his company as the Managing Director. A man filled with aspirations, Sarda has out of the box ideas for his company and a single-mindedness to achieve that.

Apart from being the MD at Soulflower, Amit is an active member of the DMAI which works on data drive marketing and using his data analytics, is currently working on certain projects. Along with it, Sarda also heads as the President at Young Entrepreneur’s Society (YES). Under his guidance, young entrepreneurs gain a lot experience and in-depth knowledge about the whole world of entrepreneurship.

What is the USP and idea behind Soulflower?
The idea behind Soulflower is to bring delight in people's lives through our natural aromatic products. Indians love aroma in everything, and the one place where we noticed aroma missing was in personal care. Here’s where we saw an immense opportunity for people wanting to indulge in; however the only option that they had was heading to a spa for it. Over the years we have evolved to broadly cover hair and skin care solutions for the aspiring urban populace and to smell good naturally. The USP is not just about our products, but the way it brings smiles to the customers. Soulflower believes in designing experiences that address the health and wellness aspects of life while adding a wow element to it.

How big is the potential for a business like yours?
A business like ours is a business that aspires to bring smiles into people’s lives and so long that our daily lives continue to remain stressful; we will continue to remedy it with our natural care solutions. Soulflower was founded at a time when the natural skin and hair solutions market in India was at its nascent stage. Soulflower aims at providing its consumers the choice of rejuvenating and caring for themselves in the comfort of their homes. Our products not only make its users feel good, but also enhance their wellbeing. Having a bath signifies many things for people. The potential for Soulflower is infinite.

How do you plan to scale up?
Our growth has mostly been organic in nature. In future also we intend to grow organically. So, we will continue to make people aware of the benefits of using Soulflower in their everyday life and based on the response, we will reach out to them. Presently, the online medium has proven to be a very effective platform for us to both exhibit Soulflower as well as tap into potential markets. This includes our own website and other online channel partners, plus our recent launch in the American market. After having a strong brand presence in organized retail, we have recently entered the general trade too with our personal care range and are gradually penetrating into new geographies through this style of retailing. In the near future we have plans to scale up our B2B business. The strategy has always been to go customer by customer, store by store, region by region and country by country. This is how we are building our growth and spreading smiles.

What is the latest trend in the industry?
More and more people are seeking health and wellness solutions that are accessible and convenient to use on a day-to-day basis. One of the present concerns for a majority of people living in the city is the damage to the quality of hair, followed by skin concerns. This also has become very evident by the sheer number of hair care and skin care products being released into the market. We have been offering solutions for both hair and skin care. Moreover, our products are 100 per cent natural and do not use any artificial ingredients. This gives us an edge over others.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We are India’s no.1 brand for natural skin and hair solutions. In five years from now, we aspire to reach out to the world and adding sixty million smiles and become the most reputed brand in the segment.

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