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‘Billion year old journey’

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Tehmasp Printer is the Managing Director of The International Gemological Institute (IGI), the global authority in diamond, gemstone & jewellery grading. IGI aims to restore consumer confidence & trust by adding the 5th C of ‘Confidence’ to 4Cs (Cut, Color, Clarity, Carat) of diamonds. IGI certification confirms that each diamond you buy is a billion-year old natural wonder! In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Tehmasp talks about IGI, diamonds and the ‘Own A Billion-Year Old Diamond’ campaign.

Tell us a few words about IGI?
The integrity of a natural diamond lies in its origin and at IGI, we stand by the billion-year-old journey. The legacy of a natural diamond is unparalleled and it is the sense of pride that we aspire to pass on to the owners of natural diamonds across the globe. This festival, own a piece of excellence which is a billion years old! The Natural Diamond authenticated by IGI, the Global Authority in Diamonds, Gemstone and Jewellery Grading, is a mark of trust and confidence. IGI has all the necessary scientific equipment and expertise to differentiate between natural diamonds and its simulant or counterpart. We ensures every diamond which is IGI certified is a natural diamonds and of course a billion-year-old Diamond. IGI report and certificate verifies that every diamond you own is at least a billion years old, naturally created within the wombof Mother Earth. IGI authenticates and certifies the journey thata diamond takes from the mines to the market.”

Are lab-grown diamonds flawless?
As lab-grown diamonds are grown in a simulated environment, they are subjected to various controlled parameters like temperature, pressure, rate of growth, raw, materials and even catalysts. The careful fine tuning these factors can create lab grown diamonds which is near perfect and flawless.

How important is disclosure? Does this boost consumer confidence, when it comes to purchase decisions?
Disclosure is Key. Non- disclosure tantamount to fraud, lack of integrity and transparency.

How equipped is your lab in detecting lab-grown diamonds?
As the development of lab-grown diamonds has taken giant leaps and their presence among natural diamonds is on a rise, only a laboratory testing all the chemical and optical properties with the help of improved processes, can accurately distinguish between lab-grown and natural diamonds. IGI is well equipped with technologically advanced machines and scientists, enabling us to continue, safeguard the interests of the diamond trade at large as we have been doing since 1975.

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