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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Rahul Garg, Founder & CEO at Moglix

Rahul Garg is the founder & CEO of Moglix. He brings in 14+ years of experience in Technology Industry across Asia. Prior to this he was Head of Advertising Exchange for Asia at Google based in Singapore. During his ~5 years stint at Google, he also wore hats on leading the strategy for Display, Mobile and Video advertising and Search products business. During the period he also led the IAB Advertising and Marketing initiatives across SEA. Rahul has done his B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur and MBA from Indian School of Business – where he was awarded with the prestigious Scholar of Excellence.  

Outside of work, Rahul is an active angel investor across India, SEA, Japan and US – some of the notable being Govoyagin, Tookitaki,, Mobikon, Catchthatbus etc

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Rahul reveals his aim to become the de-facto name in the B2B commerce space.

What is the idea behind Moglix?
The inspiration for Moglix comes from the use of technology to make a major impact on the country. Moglix is at the confluence of ‘Make in India” and “Digital India” and we believe technology can be a strong factor in propelling the efficiency and scale for both procurement and sales of the organizations.
Coming from the world of Global advertising exchange, I looked at how the principles of marketplaces could be applied effectively to the Global “physical product commerce”.

Moglix was conceived in late 2014 as I realized that the Global commerce of products is still operating in the old fashion while the Internet/ Mobile has led to democratization of the services and mobile app and advertising ecosystem.
How big is the potential for a business like yours? Any major customers that you now cater to?
The manufacturing industry in India is $300B+ and expected to grow to $1T+ by 2025. Currently we play in the consumables segment which can be dubbed anywhere from $20-$50B of that.

We are serving some of the largest Auto, Electrical and PSUs in the country. Indian Oil, India Forge, C&S Electric are some of the example buyers. We continue to grow our foot-print of the business buyers and we expect to serve several 1M+ Medium to Large enterprises in the coming years across the country. In the last one year Moglix has etched a name for itself in the B2B space in India acquiring 100+ business customers with 50% revenue coming from large organizations with Rs. 100 cr+ turnover.
How do you plan to scale up?
We are looking at growing to 1000cr+ run-rate over the next 3 years catering to manufacturers across industry verticals of Automotive, Electrical, Oil and Mining, FMCG etc. Currently, we have two operating locations in India and plan to extend to few more locations by the end of the year.
Who would primarily be your consumer audience?
In the next couple of years, Indian manufacturing sector is going to see a paradigm shift in the way the business is done. Our consumer audience will be Indian manufacturing segment which believes in the power of technology to drive efficiency and scale in a globally competitive arena.
Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We see ourselves to become the de-facto name for B2B commerce for the manufacturing sector serving > $100Bn of the manufacturing sector.

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