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'Attention Grabbing Apparels'

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Jyoti Kapoor, Founder and Designer, Raas by Kaaj

Jyoti Kapoor  is the  Founder and Designer of Raas by Kaaj.  Launched in 2013, Kaaj by Jyoti Kapoor has been offering a wide range of formal and occasion apparel to fit any woman's unique sense of style. Textiles from all around the country are carefully curated to provide our customers a blend of traditional and contemporary chic keeping the ever changing trends in mind. Now Kaaj has announced the launch of Raas- which as the name suggests, is the  company's endeavour to offer a range of every-day and semi-formal wear that's not only delightfully trendy but easier on the purse strings as well. In conversation  with  Dominic Rebello, Jyoti says, “We aim to please every kind of customer with our outfits, whether they want it simple or eccentric.”

What is the idea behind Raas by Kaaj?

The idea is to grab the attention of everyone in the room just by walking in clothed in a Kaaj outfit. To let the outfit do all the talking. We endeavor to have an affair with fashion and fabric so that we can offer a range of styles that are not only fabulous but also reasonably priced. You don’t need to blow a hole in your wallet each time you want to treat yourself or shop for an event.

How are you different from others?
We don’t share the ideology of other shopping lines where they target just certain types of customers like teenagers or thin girls. We have a diverse variety of clothes to choose from for all types of women. We don’t limit or restrain our customers to a certain idea of clothing. We provide with creative options that the customers would like to come out of their comfort zone for. The customers’ experience high levels of satisfaction working with us. They don’t feel the need to visit other shops after buying from our collection because we fulfill all of their needs and expectations.

Any expansion plans?
We plan to extend our offices in Delhi. We have a plan in motion for a chain of retail stores and it is going exceptionally well. And the success of our company is because of the patrons who believed in us and supported us and also because of our long-standing customers who have made it all possible. We will expand to other major cities too in the future as it is in our long-term plan.
Your vision for the company?
Our vision is to be a one-stop shopping store for all kinds of customers. We don’t want the customers to feel as if shopping is a chore that they need to get it over with. Shopping with us, they will feel like the outfits are made just for people like them and they won’t have to go from store to store to get what they want because everything will be provided by us. It will feel like they have delegated their decisions of buying clothes to us and they can focus their mental energies on something else. We intend to keep up with all the trends and also not be restricted by it. We aim to please every kind of customer with our outfits, whether they want it simple or eccentric.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
We have been doing amazing so far because of the love and support of our patrons and customers. So we see ourselves becoming a brand on an international level. We intend to specialize in all types of clientele and satisfy each and every one of them. We see customers that have always had 1 theme in their outfit, coming out of their comfort zone and choosing different styles from our collection. We intend to give our clients the effect they want to have on other people.

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