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Any Body Can Trade!

Thursday, May 02, 2019

Meghana V. Malkan
Founder, MalkansView

Meghana V Malkan is the Co-Founder of MalkansView that inspires millions of people from various walks of life through their live seminars, workshops, videos and online courses and helps them become professional traders.. She is a trading and performance coach, who broke all preconceived notions about the market. She migrated successfully from a law background into the stock markets which was a culture shock for her. In her endeavor to find the trader in herself, she realized that success at trading is more about having the right mindset than anything else. Her strength as a coach lies in helping aspiring traders to perform at their highest levels in stock trading and so in life.  She regularly appears on India’s leading television business channels as well as print media. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Meghana says, “Through MalkansView, the intention is to cause a radical shift in the mindset of the people trading and investing the stock markets to a more systematic manner.”

What is the idea behind Malkansview?
I entered the stock markets a decade ago, armed with an experience into corporate law with absolutely no clue about how the markets worked. Whereas Vishal, my husband and co-founder of Malkansview has been a trader from the young age of 16 years. He coached and guided me into becoming a professional trader. I left my job and got into trading full-time. Seeing me successfully transform into a full-time trader, opened up new possibilities for us. We realized that the skill of learning to trade and invest into the markets is a learnable one and this motivated us to setup the training institute, Malkansview. The idea behind Malkansview is to help as many people as we can by sharing our knowledge into this field. We intend to empower people from various walks of life such as marketing, engineering, medicine, information technology and even homemakers and help them become professional traders.

How are you different from others or your USP?
The most important value that we stand by is Simplicity. The biggest lesson that we have learnt from years of experience trading and investing in the stock markets is – it doesn’t have to be complicated to make money here. The simpler it is, the better. This holds true, especially in the current time when people are reeling from a lot of material full of complexities and technical jargons. We intend to provide something very simple. The idea to make it so simple that even a fourth grade student can learn and trade the markets.

Any expansion plans?
Until recently, the majority of our training programs were conducted as live workshops. We now plan to leverage technology to help benefit people from across the length and breadth of the country and also abroad. Almost all training programs at Malkansview are now conducted online too. For someone who wishes to begin learning the subject, we offer an array of videos and programs to help them get started from the comfort of their homes.

Your vision for the company?
Malkansview endeavours to be number one training company globally in Technical Analysis, very soon. The intention is to cause a radical shift in the mindset of the people trading and investing the stock markets to a more systematic manner. We wish to influence and impact 100 million people with the help of our live and online programs & courses and live workshops. The goal is to change the way India trades.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
Five years down the road, we see Malkansview becoming the household name when it comes to providing simple solutions on trading and investing. We would like to eradicate the myth of risk associated with this endeavor from the mindset of the common man. Each and every person, be it a graduate, a homemaker or a professional – would be capable of trading and investing the markets to profits.

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