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Adding The Third Dimension To Brands

Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Karan Bhardwaj is the Founder, MD & CEO of KrypMedia, that offers innovative Hologram advertising solutions. He stared his first independent business, of running a portfolio advisory company, in the name of Wealth Vertical Services Pvt. Ltd., handling HNI funds. In 2010, he ventured into advertising by launching Adometer Media LLP, a one of its kind personal vehicle branding company. In August 2017, Karan launched KRYPMEDIA, the holographic advertising company, which mixes technology, creativity and innovation  to create mesmerizing experiences. In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Karan says, “In 5 years, we aim at having at least 200 accounts on board, whom we could constantly amaze with our creative abilities.”

What is the idea behind Kryp Media?
The idea is to disrupt the manner in which traditional advertising is being done and merge innovation with creativity to bring out awesome results holographic advertisements, which creates long lasting impressions and is still a novelty in India, but internationally, Holograms are an integral part of advertising with Sketchers campaign attracting eyeballs and accolades worldwide.
Why is 3D display technology getting popular?
Anything which looks realistic is bound to get more attention, 2D images, no matter how creative they stay in the consumers subconscious while 3D display  on the other hand  attracts total attention because of its novelty and animation. This results in deeper impressions and unaided brand recall making it more effective than traditional display. Simply said ROI on your advertisement spend is better over traditional modes.

What is the extent of applications and the Technology behind it?
Applications ranges from visual display, 3D logo creation, effective  models and sometimes in medicine and science for simulating/teaching. The technology is  a combination of  simple physics and complex ideas. Every hologram uses 3D, 4K images which goes through 3-4 different processes before its reaches our holographic canvasses to accentuate the 3D effect to its maximum.

How big is the market for this technology?
We are just getting started. DOOH market is forecasted to be around 25 bn USD
in another 7 years and is growing at the rate of 10%. With our clients' support we are bound to grab a significant bite of that market very soon.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
Recently, through our distributor meet, we were able to appoint pan India distributors, 5 years would see us deeply entrenched into the next level of digital products, as Krypmedia is about infusing creativity with the latest technology. Today it is HOLOVSNS and DIGIPLAY, tomorrow it could be something else that our research team discovers. In 5 years, we aim at having at least 200 accounts on board, whom we could constantly amaze with our creative abilities.

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