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What Do The Stars Foretell For The Stock Markets?

Monday, February 15, 2016

Rajkishore Bang is a renowned Astrologer who has mastered the art of financial Astrology. His book “Predictive Astrology” was released in August 2015 and the first edition of the same was sold out in a record time of just six months. He has also featured on most business news channels including Zee Business, NDTV Profit, CNBC Awaaz and his astrology research based articles about financial and commodity markets have been published in various prominent newspapers and different websites at regular intervals. His lecture at the Astrology Conclave on Finance and Money markets held at Sahara star, Mumbai in last month was very well appreciated and his research work was recognized with a Trophy and certificate. His clientele list includes some of the prominent names of the corporate world and film and cine artists, apart from his large retail base. In conversation with Deepak Sahijwala, this astrologer, amidst the stock market gloom predicts the future course the Indian stock markets could take over the next five years...

How reliable is astrology with reference to the financial markets?
We had done a detailed astrological study based research on the effects of transit of various planets on the precious metals gold and silver in 2011 and came out with our findings, in the form of written report, in July 2011, that precious metals, that is gold and silver, will make new top levels in terms of Dollars in the second half of 2011 decisively and after that those top levels will not be breached or hit again for  at least eight to ten years. We all know what happened next. Simultaneously, we did an astrology based research on the effects of transit of various planets on the equity markets between the period from November 2011 to November 2014 and published our findings in July 2011 itself. In that report, we had clearly mentioned that equity markets will remain subdued in initial two third period of total period that is up to November 2013 and then in last one year we will witness a euphoria in the equity markets and markets will zoom by at least 100% from the lower levels of starting period that is November 2011. The result is visible to one and all.

What according to you is the present planetary position for India as also the world economy?
At present, the most prominent planet, Saturn, is passing through Scorpion rashi in transit and Jupiter is conjoined with Rahu in Leo rashi. Currently, Jupiter is retrograde in Leo and will remain retrograde till second week of May 2016. Saturn will go retrograde in last week of March 2016 and will remain retrograde till second week of August 2016. Scorpion is the owner of eighth house in natural horoscope, which is considered as very bad and inauspicious place for any planet to acquire or pass through and while transiting through Scorpion, Saturn will have its tenth aspect on the fifth house which in general stands for speculation and is owned by the planet Sun. As Saturn is inimical to Mars and Sun,the likely damage could be much more than anticipated. The multiple effects of these will not yield good results for India as also the world economy.

What about the Indian Stock Markets? Where do you see the markets in this year?
In order to answer this question, we simplify things for our readers. The most prominent planet which is affecting Indian Equity markets is Saturn. We divide the total period of transit of Saturn through Scorpion, which is 27 months, in to three equal parts of nine months each. This one is similar to three parts of 10 degrees each totaling to 30 degrees period of transit through one house which is common for all planets. The First period: 03rd November 2014 to 02nd August 2015, Second period: 03rd August 2015 to 02nd May 2016, Third period: 03rd May 2016 to 27th January 2017. In first period of nine months, as per our research, markets did hit the top. In the current ongoing second period of nine months, Indian equity markets will remain sideways to Negative. In the last nine months period, Indian equity markets will witness a negative scenario and will see a continuous fall in the markets. This fall can take the markets down deeper than anticipated by one and all.

When does the worst get over?
There is still some pain left to be felt and a recovery is certainly not there in store in 2016. There can be some rounds of up moves after steep falls. The top levels achieved by the markets, as researched and predicted by us, in the first nine months period of transit of Saturn through Scorpion rashi as mentioned earlier, will not be breached or hit back again in 2016. In fact we may witness the markets hitting some lower levels, much lower than the bottom hit in 2015. As the transit of Saturn through Scorpion rashi will end in last week of January 2017 and Saturn will enter in to Sagittarius rashi after that, we will most probably see the bottoming out of Indian Equity Markets somewhere around that time. As our research has proven that the last transit euphoria normally gets carried in to the next transit phase of the planets, so we believe, the worst for the Indian Equity markets will be over by first half of 2017.

What do you predict for the next five years?
After the steep and continuous fall and negative scenario in the Indian Equity Markets in 2016, due to changes in certain planetary positions in transit, we will see the bottom formation process taking shape with the start of 2017. This bottom formation process may consume the major period of 2017. But after that bottom formation process gets completed in 2017, Indian Equity Markets will resume the upward journey with positive sentiments and we all shall witness a Bull Run, which we have never witnessed in our life and that 'Bull Run' will be very well spread from 2017 till almost the end of 2022.

Which are the sectors that can be worst hit in the present planetary scenario?
After considering the transitory phase of various planets and their effects on different sectors, we came to conclude that sectors like Banking, Metals, Construction and Property, Mines and Minerals, Finance and Investment will face the real heat in the present planetary scenario.

Which are the sectors that will outperform in the period mid 2017 to 2022?
We are still in between the research for the exact outcome in those five year period. Whatever we have researched till date, based on the transitory effects of various planets, during the period between mid 2017 till 2022, reveals that the Petrochemical sector, NBFC, Metals, Infrastructure, Cement, Power, Oil refineries and Entertainment sector are very much likely to outperform as compared to other sectors.

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