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Turning A New Leaf

Monday, February 11, 2019

Nikhil Chandwani, Founer, Writer’s Rescue Centre

Nikhil Chandwani, Founer, Writer's Rescue Centre, the worlds' first mentorship-driven writing and publishing platform for passionate and promising scripts. He is the National Award Winner, Author of 10 Books, a Global Goodwill Ambassador, Professor and a social entrepreneur, who helps the differently abled and people with suicidal thoughts write their own books. In the process of writing their books Nikhil helps them in coming out of their depression and anxiety. He has helped many and continuous to do so. Many of the writers are now healed and are successful in their own ways. For his work he was nominated for Padmashree 2018. He received the Rastriya Gaurav award 2019 for his contribution in the development of Young India.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Nikhil says, “My aim, as a social entrepreneur, is to bring back the real history, culture and stories of India.

What is the idea behind Writer's Rescue Centre?
Writers Rescue Centre started as my chance to connect with storytellers. We help people who are differently abled or are going through depression write their own books and in the process we channelize their thoughts and help them come out of their problems as a winner. The journey began with Siddharth Roy, one of my first writer. He met me in Nagpur in 2014/2015 season. He was 15 and wanted to write. I mentored him while I stayed in Nagpur. Now it is 2019. He is already an author of two books, 4 times TEDx speaker and also holds a world record.

I replicated the same mentorship with numerous other writers from different fields. From dyslexia to autism, cancer survivors and even retired defence experts.

I saw, writing is healing people and that’s where I came up with a proper mentorship approach. A customised module for everyone depending upon their passion and the problems

As a Social Entrepreneur what are your next set of ideas?
I want to serve India. My aim, as a social entrepreneur, is to bring back the real history, culture, stories of India. India is filled with young power and stories. I believe that if we are able to combine both we will be able come out with great books to read that will give many young people a better path. One of my good friend from Hyderabad, Arushi Sana, is working on a book- stories of 50 lost temples of India so I am ready to work on this as my next set of idea. All the writers whom I have mentored are onboard for this amazing Journey that we are going to take.

The aim, for me and my team as a whole is to provide India with its real history. Researchers, writers and people who I trained before are together in this journey.

Any expansion plans?
We aim to expand and start working on even larger scale as compared to now. We want to fill the world with storytellers. I believe, and I’m sure the readers will agree, the stories has the power to heal. I want to find out many ways to handle and understand and spread word about depression and anxiety in the young people of India. The plan here is to cure depression through storytelling and bring real history of India to readers. After rescuing writers, the expansion plan is to utilise these beautiful man power in order to build our nation- one story at a time.

Writers rescue centre is always ready to work on the problems of people and in the process, heal themselves.

Your vision for the Writer's Rescue Centre?
The vision is simple. Bring out stories from the different corners of India. Work with different writers from across the country. Motivate and channelise their power into a book. Show people what India is all about. The beauty of our ancient culture, the lost knowledge and the mesmerising idea of our country through curbing depression from within. The vision is to mentor and serve every single storyteller who speaks to me with their heart out.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
In coming 5 years if one sees the condition of increasing rate of depression, anxiety and loneliness, I think we need to do much more from now. We are trying to heal people by helping them into doing something constructive. I want to do the same thing on a even larger scale. I want India to be the world capital of arts and culture again and in five years, I see myself following this path of mentoring writers, publishing them, giving them public speaking stages and curing them. I want to create a chain so that we as a country could come out as a world power.

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