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To Build A Brand On-Line: What Does It Take?

Monday, June 29, 2015
By Prateek N. Kumar

Prateek N. Kumar is CEO & Managing Director NeoNiche Integrated

Today, branding is a function of media fragmentation. With more channels and newspapers reaching out to diverse customer bases, it’s harder for a brand to reach a truly mass audience. Simply stated, marketing that utilizes generic messages to build awareness is no longer the only way to influence customer behavior. Disruptive technologies aided by the advent of social media and smart-phones are driving innovation and looking for new ways to extend the value across cloud, smart devises and digital media. In a tough economic environment, businesses and brands are seeking to improve, adapt and be flexible to the changing environment. The rise of technologies, such as cloud, digital and social media aided by broadband and smart devices has had a significant impact on the way companies operate with a clear focus on improved business outcomes

Any business has the potential to target its audience with cost effective on-line marketing techniques that can attract new business and revenue. . This shift has seen the role of technology for brand building change from a support service to an integral player at the heart of operations, with the potential to influence new commercial strategies and affect the shape of a business.

Digital marketing amply aided by its cousin Social media, as a mega-trend is quickly revealing early adopters and laggards. Engagement ads for standard and mobile websites, branded online videos, social media, pay-per-click (PPC) ads, sponsored blog posts, SMS text messages, email distribution, and so on. Increasing your web presence and social media footprint has never been more urgent, whether you’re just starting a business or trying to make an existing one more accessible and appealing to customers.

So, what has aided these new growth drivers? The answer surprisingly is very simple- Digital and Social media provide cost effectiveness, easily Measured and adjusted ROI, viral value, personalized meaningful conversations that are non-intrusive.

The examples are abound, Within just 19 weeks after its release, Korean Star Psy’s “Gangnam Style” became the most popular video on YouTube with approximately 805 Million views, beating out former champ, Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” which held the old record with approximately 804 Million Views over a period of 135 weeks. Closer home, stories like “Kolaveri Di” had a similar impact. Brands like “Chumbak” were created by using Facebook ….only recently Myntra has moved to “Apps only” business model.

So how to go about it? Here are few pointers.

  • Your website is not only user friendly with great look and feel but responsive to different devises with easy navigation. There are more than 5 billion mobile phone users worldwide and 1.1 billion smartphone subscribers. Develop smartphone/mobile apps for your brand. There are web tools that can convert your website into an app ….Surprised? Go ahead Google it.
  • Create and actively maintain a blog to significantly increase search visibility, establish expertise and build a community, brand trust, and subscriber lists.
  • Develop a regular content distribution schedule and stick to it. On the Internet, visuals/images matter. Make sure you use appropriate and powerful visuals to reinforce each touch point.
  • Build a subscriber list over time and make sure you keep them informed but non-intrusive and always include your brand’s signature and web link in each email.
  • 4 billion YouTube videos are viewed every day. 68% of video watchers share links to the videos. Create highly compelling videos that tell your brand’s story and post them on YouTube.
  • Include a “Link to This Page” button on every page that you believe has worthwhile content to increase your site traffic through incoming links. Also add Facebook Like, Tweet, LinkedIn Share, g + 1, pin it and other similar buttons to all worthwhile contents.
  • Use RSS feeds to distribute headlines, new content and notifications more broadly.
  • Create an affiliate program to extend your reach. And target it with content rich podcast/webcast.

Above list is not extensive, go ahead and add some more .At the end of the day this is what a brand custodians looks for, A smile of a satisfied customer or the happy roars of an excited audience onground and a hashtag or a tagged post online…..each has that same impact…….That rush of adrenaline when it all falls together as you get ready for the next challenge.

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