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The Summer Marketing Opportunity

Monday, May 12, 2014
By Jagdeep Kapoor

JAGDEEP KAPOOR is CMD of Samsika Marketing Consultancy

Summer is upon us. This opens a very large opportunity for marketers for being able to sell their products and services. In fact for the next 30 days there would be a focused marketing effort to be able to win the minds and hearts of the consumers.

To begin with the heat will be tackled. There would be tremendous emphasis on advertising and promotions for various brands of Air Conditioners, whether in the room Air Conditioner category or the split Air Conditioner category. In fact all consumer durable brands whether they be Carrier or Voltas, or whether they be LG or Samsung, they would all be focusing on a common theme to “beat the heat”. This is a period of time when consumers look forward to the Air Conditioner brands so that they are able to be comfortable in this tropical country.

The fan manufacturers would not be far behind whether it be Orient or Bajaj whether it be Crompton or other brands, they will all be turning around at full speed all their marketing strategies in a breezy effort to woo the consumer. In fact there are many households in India where both fans and Air Conditioners co-exist and therefore this summer would be a great opportunity for brand marketers.

If summer is here the cold drink sector can’t be far behind whether it be aggressive marketing by soft drink concentrate brands like Rasna or Sunfill they would all want to appeal to consumers. The giant cola brands Coke & Pepsi along with all their variants would be aggressively advertising and distributing at attractive price points to lure the consumer to cure him of his heat. This year the aggression has already started with cricket being a major area of promotion. Right from Colas, to mango drinks like Frooti, to Lemon drinks will be quenching consumers’ thirst.

There are other product categories like talcum powder wherein high level of advertising spends is already being witnessed through brands like Ponds. There is also a very strong emergence of the local home-made ‘nimbu pani’ market, which is definitely going to have a substantial share of the beverage consumption.

Fruits are not far behind. The mango season is on and that brings with it a huge opportunity for marketers. It is also important to note that this year the bottled water market with brands like Bisleri, Bailley, Kinley, Himalayan and Aqua Fina would definitely make inroads in terms of consumption penetration.

When summer is here the ice cream market would definitely make a huge aggressive campaign. This appeals to both kids and elders and whether it be a conventional lolly or milk based kulfi it definitely makes hearts melt and mouths water. Kwality Walls, Amul, Mother Dairy, Magnum and a number of other brands would be fully charged up to increase their market share.

Summer marketing is one of the most exciting times during the year for brand and marketing companies. It is important to have a good strategy and to build your brand during this time.

I’m sure the consumers are in for a cool summer.

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