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Siberian Ice Diamonds Mimic The Real Ones

Monday, November 02, 2015
By Adish Sanjay Shah

Adish Sanjay Shah MD, Nine Jewels

Are you amongst people who are mesmerized by the sparkle and fire of real diamonds? What if you could enjoy all the splendour of owning a diamond without burning your pocket? If you want to spend less on something which has all the elegance of a diamond then there is Siberian Ice, a new top quality diamond alternative.

Siberian Ice is as bright and flawless as real diamond that makes it practically impossible to differentiate between two just by viewing with naked eye. It is very hard like diamonds and can even scratch glass. It is best and close alternative for real diamond than its competitors like Cubic Ziranic (CZ), American Diamond (AD), moissanite, CVD and Saworskri.

Worldwide recession has made purchasing expensive diamonds a privilege of few. To cut down cost another alternative, CVD diamonds were created but they were still expensive. With the entry of Siberian Ice diamonds, getting all the visual appearance and durability of real diamond at mere fraction of natural diamonds, is now possible.

Siberian Ice diamonds are so close to real diamond that even seasoned jewellers will not be able to differentiate without the aid of gemological testing equipment. When tested 9 out of 10 jewellers could not tell the difference. At under $50.00 per carat, compared to a less than appealing Lab Grown diamond near $3500.00 per carat, why would anyone not want to consider these gemstones as an option? A gemstone that visually compares to a flawless diamond, beautiful white colour, durable (rated at 8.8 Mohs) and has a warranty to stay that way. Everything visually desired from a perfect diamond without the high cost. All the bling and without the sting.

We feel India and China being the most populated countries, will attract more opportunities. Siberian Ice diamonds are not only an alternative to real diamonds but also gives tough competition for Cubic Ziranic (CZ), American Diamond (AD), moissanite, CVD and Saworskri and other real diamond simulants. It is cheapest of all diamond simulants with visual appearance of real diamond. It is certain that this will create a revolution in the diamond Industry in the coming few months.

Everyone deserves the best and the best does not have to be expensive. Everybody wants to own an elegant piece of diamond jewellery but cannot have it due to affordability reasons. This lead to intense need for fake CZ diamonds, a stimulant for real diamond, which would soon become milky or discoloured. In today’s world, because of better technology, better products are emerging.

Siberian Ice® is an actual crystal based Lab Created diamond simulant. There are many companies and sellers offering, what they call, lab created.  Siberian Ice® comes with an exclusive iron clad unconditional Lifetime Stone Guarantee against Fading, Discolouring, Clouding, Chipping or Scratching under normal wear and use. In the unlikely event that this should ever happen.

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