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Performance Raised, Gets Praised

Monday, September 29, 2014

Nothing works better than good word-of-mouth. News of super customer satisfaction spreads like wildfire. The Brand Professional should do everything in his power to give his customers a good Brand Experience and make them approve of his words and deeds. He should leave no stone unturned to win the admiration of his customer.

The ultimate is when the customer becomes Brand Professional’s salesperson. When Brand Provision becomes praiseworthy, that’s just what happens. News of a job well done spreads like fragrance and good Customer Service certainly deserves praise. The word-of mouth publicity is more effective than crores of rupees spent on advertising.

The names of surgeons who do a terrific job saving the lives of their patients ripple across hospitals and soon the good word-of-mouth of the Brand experience results in new patients seeking them out.

Similarly, the Telemarketing Executive who listens patiently, is responsive, returns calls and ultimately gets the job done with regularity and through good Brand Experience is praiseworthy.

Praiseworthy Customer Service demands that the Customer Service Professional do a good job constantly. It is not a one-off job that is well done. To be praiseworthy requires constant good effort on the part of the Customer Service Professional.

If Sachin Tendulkar is the Brand Professional, his customers are cricket-crazy audiences. His regular high scores on the field and the entertaining Brand Experience he provided made him the world’s best batsman. As a result, he has a formidable fan following and can be relied upon to entertain his customers.

Like Sachin, Aamir Khan too is a Praiseworthy Brand Professional. The actor’s string of hits from Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak to Dhoom 3: Back in Action and many more have endeared him to his customers, the audience, who are his fans responsible for the houseful boards every time an Aamir Khan Bollywood blockbuster hits the billboard. They cherish the Brand Experience he provides.

If the customer is the patient, the Brand Professional is the doctor.

If the customer is the voter, the Brand Professional is the politician.

If the customer is the student, the Brand Professional is the teacher.

If the customer is the audience, the Brand Professional is the movie star.

If the customer is the spectator, the Brand Professional is the cricketer.

For all the thousands of doctors, politicians, teachers, actors and cricketers, there are but a handful that deliver more often than not and provide consistently good Brand Experiences. Those whose success rates are above average sometimes make it to the praiseworthy category.

From among thousands of doctors who treat patients, there are the few whose mission it is to cure. From among the many politicians, there is a minuscule lot that rises to the level of statesmen. From among the several hundred actors, there are few stars that make dreams come true and enthrall their audience. From among the cricketers down the ages, there are a few who can shoulder the responsibility of kindling hope in the hearts of millions of fans.

These are the Praiseworthy Brand Professionals. They do their homework. They know what their customers want from them. And they stretch every sinew to deliver. They know the value of the Brand Experiences they deliver being cherished and rising above the ordinary.

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