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NSS withdrawals are taxable

Monday, May 02, 2011

Anand Tibrewala
is a CA and Senior Partner at the leading Chartered Accountancy firm, AD & Company

I had invested in National Saving Scheme way back to avail tax deduction. This scheme is fetching reasonable returns. However, I need the money for some other important objectives. Please advice what are the tax implications on the withdrawal of the money from National Saving Scheme?
— Avtar Ramani, Mahim

Any money withdrawn from the balance lying in the National Saving scheme is taxable in the year of withdrawal i.e. the principal amount deposited and the interest earned thereon. The scheme also provides for deduction of TDS from the amount withdrawn. If you wish that the TDS should not be deducted, then you need to furnish declaration in form 15 – G to the postal authorities along with the withdrawal request.

I am an income tax assessee. During the last financial year I had deducted some TDS out of various payments made by me. However due to tight cash flow I could not deposit the TDS with the Government authorities within the due date. However, I intend to deposit the same before filing my return of income. Please let me know whether this would have any implication on my tax return?
— Rana Dalvi, Borivali

As per Income Tax Act if TDS is deducted and not deposited in the same financial year then the deduction, of the whole of expenses would be denied i.e. the entire expenditure on which TDS is not deposited would be added to your taxable income. The same deduction would be allowed in the financial year in which the TDS is deposited. There is only one exception to this provision i.e. TDS for the month of March could be paid before filing the return of income and the expenditure still would be allowed to be deducted.

I have two self occupied house properties in my name in two different cities. I am occupying one of the properties and the second is occupied by my parents. I have taken two separate housing loan for these properties. I have paid Rs. 1,10,000/- and Rs. 60,000/- on these loans during the last financial year. Please advice me whether I can claim the benefit of Rs. 1,50,000/- against my interest payments?
— Raja Patel, Thane

As per the provisions of the Income Tax Act, 1961 if one assessee is owning more than one house property, then he can claim only one as self occupied and the other property is deemed to be let out. Accordingly, if you have chosen one property of your choice as self occupied, then the interest paid for the said property can be claimed as deduction for interest payment. The other property would attract deemed notional rent and hence the other interest payment could be claimed as deduction against the other property. However, you cannot combine the interest payment.

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