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Market For Wearable Devices In India

Monday, May 23, 2016
By Umeed Kothavala

Umeed Kothavala CEO, Extentia Information Technology

Wearables are gadgets that can be worn and synced with smartphones to track daily activities and much more. It is a technology with endless possibilities.  Wearable technology is among the latest buzzwords in the world of technology and innovation. Although wearables have been in the market from years, their popularity has been rising ever since the introduction of smarter devices.

Wearables have become an extension of us
With a set of incredible features, wearables have transformed the way health is being monitored today. Consumers, along with being tech-savvy, are also becoming health conscious thus leading to an increase in sales of wristbands and smartwatches. These wearables are equipped with features like checking fitness levels, sleep patterns, heart rate, calories burnt and other statistics that help the consumers monitor their health. The ease and cost at which the wearable technology offers users a range of benefits is revolutionary.

Devices commonly worn & seen
More and more people sport smart watches and fitness bands everywhere they go. The market is replete with wearables, catering to areas like fashion, fitness, healthcare and sports. There are different types of wearable devices available, one can chose based to their requirement. A smartwatch can be a solution for someone who wants to stay connected to their smartphone at all times. It notifies the user about calls, messages, social media updates, and emails in addition to the basic feature of time telling. Fitness trackers are tailor-made devices for fitness freaks. Similarly, smart clothing and smart jewelry is technology’s gift for fashionistas.

Where are they available?
Leading websites like,,, and brand-specific websites for their products like Samsung, Xiaomi, Intex, etc. are the go-to sources for people purchasing wearables in India.

Future of wearables…
a) With IoT and Big Data

Big data, the cloud and technology of wearables will be the key to success for small businesses and enterprise level organizations. However, it will take a lot of time before their entire potential is tapped. As its usage will grow, companies will want their employees to always be connected and improve their communication and productivity.

b) In India
According to India Smart Wearables Market Outlook, 2021, the Internet of Things, which is an emerging topic in the world today, will directly affect the sales of the wearable market in the coming years. The global wearables market is growing fast. With more and more Indian companies investing in the wearable technology, it is clear that India will soon be catching up with the global market for wearables.

India’s Tata Group plans to enter the wearables market space with two devices, one for factory workers and the other one focusing on yoga.

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