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Importance Of Physical Appearance And Etiquette In Sales

Monday, June 25, 2012

Customers like to buy from people who are pleasant and who have a physical appearance, which is pleasant and likable.

By physical appearance, I do not mean that you have to be a Julia Roberts or a Hrithik Roshan. Infact, if you are good looking that is an advantage, but it does not give you an edge because more important than “good looking” is that you have to be “well meaning” and “good doing” and just not “good looking”. After all handsome is what handsome does and beautiful is what beautiful does.

Thus a clean neat physical appearance, with positive etiquette and good manners is what is desired. By research it has been shown that people with good etiquette and physical appearance earn about 40% more than others in sales, this means that they sell more, which means that consumers buy more from them which means consumers like to buy more from them.

In today’s world, with extremely high competition and very high mortality rate of brands it is important to be presentable not only in your looks but also in your thoughts, words and actions. In sales, many a time, the sales professional feels that his aggression or a lower price is what gets him the conversion. Hence, he does not pay attention to his own physical appearance or etiquette, which could be disastrous and affect his career. This in turn could reduce his self-esteem and sense of self worth which in a spiraling effect could bring down his confidence and further bring down his sales.

The important elements to be considered for a positive physical appearance are simple and inexpensive.
-    a clean set of clothes
-    a smart set of footwear
-    well groomed hair and nails
-    fresh breath and pleasant body odour
-    a pen that works to take down orders

Further, the important elements in the area of etiquette are
-    good manners
-    a pleasant tone of voice
-    humility
-    special consideration for ladies, children and senior citizens
-    abundant use of the magic words – Please, Sorry, Thank You
Though it may seem unimportant, the significance of physical appearance and etiquette cannot be underestimated. We strongly recommend that of all elements in marketing and sales the element of good physical appearance and positive etiquette definitely does help in increasing sales and satisfying customers.

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