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HR - the pillar of an organisation

Monday, March 06, 2017
By Pramod Parkar

People Development Specialist and India Representative for Changefirst, UK

An organizations foundation stands on the pillars held strongly in place, and HR is the most critical pillar of them all!

People make up an organization. From innovation to success, an organization is made up of how its human capital is inducted, empowered and deployed. The challenge of success completely depends on how this pillar is planted and maintained. Business is all about people, and the world of the working population is a complex mix, a mix of people from the industrial era and the millennial who is a non linear, care free and cannot be driven just by rules and processes…

The blend of both have been the recipe for some, and the same is a pressing challenge for others. Business success greatly depends on how the people that make up the organization think, feel, behave and therefore contribute for its success

With the 4 major functions of HR, the challenge of recruiting the right talent was the biggest piece of the puzzle, but that's a passé. Today, its about managing retention and building a rewarding culture that supports both these Jonas of people.

Rome wasn't built in a day, but a few organizations seem to beat this belief!

Google, UBER and a few are fine examples of this fact. When leaders come together with great clarity on their vision, the mission becomes a well translated journey. Laszlo Bock, the pillar of HR at Google writes in his book, " Work Rules! " about the 6 factors that HR needs to manage. You can frame your own…

1. Give meaning to your people’s work: In a majority of companies today, 6 out of 10 employees are unsure of why they do what they do! The job of HR is to translate this meaning effectively. The work people do needs to be connected to a higher purpose, and they need to be aware!

2. Construct A Culture Of Trust: Leaders and managers need to breed the culture of trust, but HR needs to plant the seed! A large proportion of people say “I cant trust my company and leader”. The code of communication can be a big player for this success!

3. Hire people who are better than your best: Hiring needs focus, focus on the vision and goals. The hiring process is more left to consultants and lesser pointed to getting people who are superior to the ones you have!

4. Don’t just review, create performance conversation as a routine: Reviews are about the past, these discussions are about what already went by and happened. Use The Power of Feedback as a natural conversation everyday!

5. Recognize the recipe of success that exists: If you can recognize your best performers formula for success, then teaching others to apply the same can be quite a simple task. Competency Frameworks and performance review are mere pointers. Success is about breeding the benefits of practical formulas that worked for a few!

6. Invest on what people need, not just what got planned: Routine training programs and typical rewards of trips & gifts please merely once, the success is to pin-point people needs and be generous with what they need versus what the organization merely planned. Be it development or recreation, give them what they want!

The job of HR surely can get complex, but if these simple 6 factors can be modeled well by HR, then every step, from hiring, to motivating, building talent, to deploying and retaining talent can form a culture, a culture of a successful organization that meets the demands of the mixed Jonas of people that make it up.

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