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'Harnessing the power of social media'

Monday, December 17, 2018

Satyam Shastri, Co Founder, Psifiako Media and NOC (No One cares)

Satyam Shastri is the Co Founder - Psifiako Media and NOC (No One cares), which is an ever-increasing international platform that aims to serve the smiles on people's face through extraordinary and unique content. Psifiako Media is based in Pune works with national clients for their marketing /promotion /content/social media researches etc. by using their experience in managing NOC and followers.

In conversation with Dominic Rebello, Satyam says, ““If anyone wants to create popular content, they should focus on what people like. Not only on what you like. You have to think according to your audience, what they will connect with.”

What is the idea behind Psifiako Media?
The idea behind Psifiako media is to harness the power of social media real time and use it for different purpose like marketing/information sharing/research etc Psifiako Media is one of the largest publisher across the world and every month we receive millions of likes and we reach billion of people. It contains 4 Communities that are very much popular on social media and we have people consuming our content on daily basis with a large number of team.

How are you different from others?
We are different from other just as half of our team is under 20 and that makes our content more relatable to the audience. We connect with the young audience easily as we know what they are looking for, we know what they will like and how to communicate with them Also, we have one of the largest community in the world and that is our Facebook page 'No One Cares'. NOC has 26 million followers and 1 million Insta followers that reaches 1B people every month adding to 26 million followers in a span of just 2 years, until now that's the fastest anyone has grow on social media.

Any expansion plans?
Yes, We were expanding, currently we have our headquarter in Pune and we have started our new office in Madhya Pradesh. Soon we are going to make our team bigger and stronger. Also, from text and images we are moving to video content which will be a greater challenge.

Your vision for the company?
My vision is that one-day Psifiako Media will be known as the largest as well as most qualitative content publisher in the whole world.

Where do you see yourself five years down the road?
I believe that If we can imagine our next 5 years then it's gonna be a waste of 5 years because If we know the limit we can't expand for eg: According to scientist, 'Bumblebees shouldn't be able to fly' but the bees don't know what the scientists think about them and that's how you can see them flying high. But yes, we see ourselves growing laterally to content production for other social media platforms like You Tube and Instagram and chipping into the latest trends like online audio platforms!

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