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Enterprise Mobility as an Enabler Across Banking Value Chain

Monday, August 21, 2017
By Virender Jeet

Virender Jeet
Sr. VP Technology, Newgen Software

With the digital-savvy generations coming of age, enterprise mobility - advancing from its modest beginning, is on a frenetic roll across the globe. Driven by high performing smartphones, tablets & personal digital assets, customers show their strong inclination towards digital alternatives over in-person banking. Also, the 9-to-5 desk job is no more a dominant work model and business users look forward to completing their tasks on the go. Thus, sensing shifts in expectations, preferences of workforce and customers, enterprises are moving away from location and time-based work setting to a dispersed mobile world.

Enterprise Mobility - No More an Afterthought for Banks
With significant upsurge in mobility momentum, banks cannot stay away from the increasingly changing paradigms in the mobility landscape. The evolving banks thus leverage mobility platform, which enables them to get faster to market, expand reach amongst customers, and empower their workforce across geographies & time zones.

Discarding the otherwise time lags and rigidities, bank agents can offer anytime, anywhere delightful services across touchpoints. Business users can streamline their end-to-end processes, reduce operational costs, minimize process cycle times, gain easy access to information, adhere to regulatory compliance, and witness several other business benefits.

Enterprise Mobility Banking Apps – Driving Force to Reckon With
Built on enterprise mobility framework, business users utilize apps to perform banking activities right from capturing customer’s data to attaching respective documents and validating them in real-time, all on the fly. Following are some of the use case scenarios, wherein banking applications enable organization to realize business enablement opportunities ‘on the go’ and accelerate their overall revenue by a significant margin:

1. Customer Onboarding:
Business users can take their services at the customer’s doorstep, and initiate branchless and paperless on-boarding. Users can capture information at the point of customer contact and initiate eKYC processing in real-time for account opening, retail loan origination, credit card issuance, etc.

2. Self-Account Opening:
Customers can initiate account opening process via a simple, intuitive and easy-to-use mobile interface. They can perform host of banking transactions anytime, anywhere- fill forms online, submit e-KYC documents, to mention a few.

3. Collections Process:
Field agents can collect, exchange and process information on-the-fly. They can fetch delinquency lists from the central server with complete personal details in a hassle-free way. During collections, agents can spontaneously enter the payment details and update in the central server. It enables agents to witness transparency in the overall process, thereby omitting fraudulent cases.

4. Customer Self-Service:
Customers can update their information and corresponding documents on mobile. A vast range of account servicing such as changing address, debit card requests, internet banking can also be performed with luxuries of being at home.

5. Agency Banking:
Bank agents can perform several bank operations on the go such as pay utility bills, open fixed and recurring deposits, transfer funds and others, particularly in the remotest areas.

As a whole, in an environment wherein it is necessary to comply with regulatory and economic challenges, enterprise mobility enables banks to win customers and workforce over in a seamless manner.

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