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'Digital technology for the power sector'

Monday, January 09, 2017
By Dominic Rebello

INTELECT 2017 & DISTRIBUELEC to provide solutions for Indian Energy Consumption and Losses Crisis

“India has around 300GW electricity availability, but barely 133 GW of its is being used due to improper demand matching supply and vice versa, and AT&C losses of 30% that can be reduced to half alongside enhanced energy efficiency by 30% through ‘intelligent digital technology. So asset utilization of Energy Mix will play a key role in meeting India’s ever-growing power supply needs by its power sector,” said Prakash Chandraker, Organising Committee Chairman, INTELECT 2017 (exhibition cum conference on Intelligent Electricity) that is highlighting New & Intelligent digital solutions from source to socket through Intelligent Electricity.

Highlighting the challenges facing India’s energy sector, Chandraker said, “Power ‘Generation to Consumption’ called for making the energy sector efficient and sustainable by creating a 'Digital Value Chain' and transforming energy flow management, thus enabling Government to reduce electricity tariff by 10% to 15%.”

Reiterating that the world’s best technology is available in India, he said the focus was needed on accelerating effective deployment of appropriate technology alongside the relevant Government schemes. “Around 70% of power supply faults can be minimized through FDIR which technology cost is very less and much time is saved. The solution lies in “co-innovation” with participation of Government, utilities and manufacturers / solution providers. While India does not have such a platform, this need however, will be met by the INTELECT 2017 & DISTRIBUELEC.” IEEMA (Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association) has announced INTELECT 2017 & DISTRIBUELEC, one of its only kind’s exhibition cum conference,to be held from 23rd – 25th January 2017 in Delhi. “The event will bring together internationally renowned exhibitors, consultants, business experts and key government officials under one common platform, to discuss global best practices and seek solutions to some of the most pressing challenges in the field of Intelligent Electricity”, opined Chandraker.

With over 100 exhibitors, the show will bring together senior officials from Ministry of Power, State Utilities, DISCOMS, IESA, India IOT Panel and TERI. The exhibition is specially designed to demonstrate the New & Intelligent digital solutions, from source to socket, to manage the flow of electricity smartly. Its focus is towards the convergence of electrical operation technology and Automation Devices with Information & Communication Technology.

DistribuELEC provides a focused platform for exhibitors to showcase their Power Distribution capabilities and solutions to a perfectly relevant audience. The unique exposition offers huge business opportunity for equipment manufacturers, turnkey contractors, raw material suppliers to machinery manufacturers etc.

The Indian Electricity sector has transformed into a sector of opportunities over the last two years. The future is all about Convergence of Electrical Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT). It is, bringing together energy, automation, communication and software & analytics to deliver greater intelligence, predictability, efficiency, reliability, sustainability and safety in everything around us.

“Asset Management solutions are needed to help Utilities do “Predictive Management” of their installed base, and these solutions feature the ‘frequency and duration’ of electricity ‘interruptions (read; failures) being measured by solution providers through technology that detects – and bypasses – faults while ensuring connectivity through its “Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR)” technology.”

“Other problems needing solutions include: a) Energy Mix; How the Government – going forward – will ensure grid management even as more renewables add power to the grid, thus making it unpredictable and difficult to manage. The Government plans to add 175 GW Renewable Energy to the Grid by 2022, but unforeseen problems such as environmental including pollution and weather await it. So a Roadmap has to be created by Government and others as solution for this.”

“Asset Utilization --from generation to distribution – faces problems such as during increasing renewable mix where plant load factor is to be addressed, as presently only 55% of the asset is used in old distribution systems that need to be digitally connected today. Cooperation and maintenance costs can be reduced by 25% through adopting relevant digital technology.”

“Connection to Collection: is another area where this Expo is showcasing technology for the Government to incorporate in their existing  utilities infrastructure so as to ensure electrifying even deepest rural areas as part of their schemes,” he added.

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