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Monday, October 03, 2011

is a Brand Guru and CMD of the successful Samsika Marketing Consultancy

Sports Marketing or Marketing of Sports is a multibillion dollar industry in the world. Whether it be sportsmen or sportswomen or whether it be sportswear or sports care or whether it be sports themes or sports advertising or whether it be sports channels or sports magazines, Sports Marketing has grown and grown and grown. This is a great opportunity for individuals and organisations to make and grow their brands and nurture their talent because now the world is not only a stage but also a sports field in which you can perform and gain recognition and monetary rewards.

India has started making a mark in the field of sports on the world stage, whether it be in the field of tennis or cricket, or shooting, or golf or billiards, or badminton or hockey, slowly and steadily India has started flexing its muscles and producing talent which can compete with the best in the world.

This obviously opens up a whole area of Sports Marketing and over the last one decade the speed of growth in the industry is very high. The sports industry opens various opportunities for brand marketeers. One of the brand opportunities is Brand endorsements by sportsmen and sportswomen. This is a growing area in marketing but must be handled with care. My brand mantra is “Brand images are fragile, you must handle them with care”.

This is important not only for product or service brands but also for sportsmen and sports women who endorse these brands. They would help the brand build a personality and have their own personality get converted into a brand.

Another opportunity in Sports Marketing is that of retailing which, can lead to high visibility, widespread distribution and huge sales. Infact retailing helps a number of sports related products to grow whether it be sports equipment or attire or shoes.

Sports Marketing is an opportunity for Television channels because sports is universally loved and appreciated and accepted by all generations. It is a part of life and hence is not only healthy and competitive but is also very vibrant and joyous in its spirit. Every person desires excellence and sports is a field which allows that to be achieved in a positive manner. Brand marketeers must appreciate this and use the opportunity to spread good will of the brands through the medium of sports.  

Another interesting opportunity is in the area of sports journalism and commentary. A number of sports persons have been able to extend their careers through this route.

Sports Marketing needs professionals to understand the nuances and various elements of brand marketing in sports. In fact there need to be training schools as well as special courses designed in colleges wherein Sports Marketing is a subject and professionals are made out of students teaching them brand marketing in sports.

At the global level too, brand marketing specialists in the area of Sports Marketing would be able to make their mark if trained well because this is a huge industry in which people could make successful careers.

Sports Marketing is a serious opportunity. Brand marketeers, please wake up! Go out and play the game.

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