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Brand Commitment

Monday, August 26, 2013
By Jagdeep Kapoor

JAGDEEP KAPOOR is CMD of Samsika Marketing Consultancy

Brands are built on trust. Brands are built by marketers who have commitment and dedication.  A consumer trusts brands and sometimes, takes the risk of consuming and indulging in them, because a consumer has vishwas in the brand.

In my opinion, brands are built on vishwas and atma-vishwas – meaning, trust and confidence.  It could be a biscuit brand or it could a linen brand, it could be a technology brand or it could be a service brand, it could be consumer durable brand or it could be a textile brand – all brands are built on vishwas and atma-vishwas.

Why is that some consumers, over generations continue to consume brands with full faith?  Why is that they make their parents and children also consume the same brand?  Why is it that, they would pay a higher price for a better quality brand rather than save money by buying a cheap and poor quality brand?
The answer lies in the need of consumers wanting to look after the welfare and well being of their family.  The answer lies in the consumer wanting to give the best in terms of quality and happiness to their family.

The question to be asked is, “if consumers are committed and dedicated to the family’s welfare, should not the marketers be committed and dedicated to the welfare of consumers?

In my opinion there are three main things which lead to consumers’ delight and consequently there being growth of companies.

The first and foremost is commitment to quality. Under no circumstance, should companies compromise on quality or cut corners while producing or serving products and services.

In my opinion the second thing is commitment to service. It is very important to understand that consumers are human beings.  They buy with the mind and heart.  Decisions are rational as well as emotional and hence, it becomes important that marketers are sensitive to the feelings of consumers in terms of providing them world class service.

Finally the third thing is dedication to consumers.  Consumers want to be loyal to brands and companies.  However sometimes because of neglect and non-dedicated behaviour by companies, consumers desert them. If companies are dedicated to consumers, consumers will be loyal to them.

Loyalty of consumers is earned and it requires a huge investment of time and patience to build trust. Consumers are committed to you if you are committed to them. Consumers are dedicated to your brand if you are dedicated to their benefits. Brands are built with commitment and dedication and are definitely not built in a day.

Today’s consumers are extremely sensitive to the kind of attention paid to them. If you take care of them, they are loyal to you. If you do not care about them and neglect them, they switch to another brand.

In conclusion I would say build brands and make them with commitment and dedication and consumers will be happy and companies will grow.

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