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The winged women with eternal feminine impulse

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

During the last 40 years, Gogi Saroj Pal has evolved a creative language of her own and produced imaginative visual images. She says in an interview: “Art is all about telling your story in your own language”. It looks like in her case, it has been a continuing search. She looked intensely both at the contemporary trends developing around her and also traditional imagery. She began to evolve her own creative visual imagery on what it meant to be a own creative visual imagery own what it meant to be a woman. She was taking steps to “paint the universal woman or external feminine impulse”.

In her works can be seem fantasy, myth and reality too. At her exhibition at the Tao art gallery. ‘Kinnari and Kinnari Mantas’, we see big beautiful faces of women with large eyes, with ample breasts and – wings! The woman is a winged bird. Maybe the artist thinks a woman wants to escape from it all and be free as a bird.

Gogi was a stubborn girl – maybe she still is. As a girl, she found herself different from others. She was not interested in clothes, make-up or – boys. “I would wear a shirt because that was a convenient dress that did not get dirty too soon. Canvas shoes were fine for my shoes and a face scrubbed well with soap was all the make-up I needed. I sought company of mature people wanting to earn and know more”.

Gogi seems to have had quite a successful art career. Her paintings have been seen not only at art galleries in India but also at many art centres round the world. She has led a busy creative life.

The winged woman in the exhibition at the Museum Gallery, Kala Ghoda, reveal, as he puts it, “an eternal feminne impulse”.


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