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Shilpa Suchak’s photography show

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

An exhibition of paintings by Shilpa Suchak is on at the terrace gallery of Jehangir Art Gallery. It will go on till March 6.

Shilpa Suchak: Waking is based in memory and reflection. Visually, I’ve worked to explore the formal aspects of photography. The mundane rooms of my home, and the objects within, served as the setting for an experiment in form, line and colour.

I began working on this project two years age. As I woke each morning. I often watched the sunlight play through the house. The more I watched, the more intrigued I became. Soon, I began recording the interplay of light and form. Each day, light moved at different rates, created varying lines and textures.

The more I engaged in the project, the more I came to realise the importance of the shadows created. They seemed to have a separate life of their own, and quickly became an integral part of the images.

The finished works include large photographs, intended to drawn the eye and stir memories. Others are left as small, intimate studies of light. And some are presented in series, designed to mimic the movement of the eye, following the light through the space.

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