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Juliee’s exhibition at Artst’s Centre

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Juliee Mahajan has done some abstract and semi-abstract figurative works and landscapes. What Juliee does is to create emotions and thoughts of various types of people. For instance, in “Frustration”, what is important is not the figurative image but the attempt to show the emotion by resort to distortions the use of descriptive colours. The same thing holds good in the painting “Women labour”. It is not the women but the lot of the woman involved in hard work that she tries to depict. Her landscapes which are abstract (some of them semi-abstract) indicate her ability for visualization from a given point right up to distant horizon.

In one of the paintings, we see two women walking away with their costumes trailing behind them. The costume, a long, long gown has colourful images printed on them. The ensemble itself produces a visual satisfaction. Juliee produces bright paintings and it is clear she attaches great importance to aesthetics.

Juliee is also a well-known Bharat Natyam exponent.

Juliee Maharaja’s show is at the Artist’s Centre, Kala Ghoda. It will go on till August 29. Contact: Mobile: 9870096966. Gallery: 22845939.

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