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Jaishree’s art - inspired by ancient Sanjhi

Thursday, June 12, 2014

It is said that art has no boundaries, barriers or well-defined norms. Art could take the form of ‘intricate paper cuttings’. You can see the 63-year-old Jaishree Pankaj as a paper cutting artist. She held her first show as far back as in 1977.

B. Prabha inaugurated it.

She is inspired by the ancient art form of Sanjhi.

Jaishree started pursuing this passion at the tender age of 8, picking it up from her grandfather who used paper stencils to decorate the swings and spaces in front of the Lord Shrinathji. This intriguing art and its craft was called Sanjhi. She has converted this craft into an unbelievable art form rarely seen anywhere in India, creating one masterpiece after another. These exquisite panels are of different sizes ranging from 8 by 8 sq. inches to 80 by 80 sq. inches. The art pieces depict various Havelis, Jharokhas, Peacocks, Deities, Krishna Leelas and abstract concepts and range from anywhere between Rs.5,000 to Rs.5,00,000. This intriguing art and its craft is associated with the ancient Vaishnavite Cult and dates back centuries to trellised panels or the Jalis that are the core of Vaishnavite temples in Gujarat and Rajasthan. During the Bhadrapad season, the temple floor in front of Lord Krishna, starts with placing of banana leaves cut into various shapes and sizes and the art evolved into stencils with floral and geometric designs.

Contact Zenia on 9833171806 or Alpua on 9819616615.

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