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Images from within in Aparajita’s paintings

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Aparajita Singh has found a world within herself which is different from the one society builds for us. It is perhaps from this inner world, she gets ideas and dreams to which she gives shape in her works.

Aparajita: “I realized that we have everything within ourselves and yet we look outside us, to others, to society to feel complete, appreciated and loved. We are always waiting for something or someone to come along and make us happy… The paintings portray a world which is within every woman, a world that holds her most cherished desires, to her darkest thoughts, a world that has her happiest moments ever and the ones that shattered her. Here lives a part of her soul that is ageless and innocent and here lives a part of her that is strong and wise and here lives a part of her that none has ever known. Somewhere amidst this world is a place where happiness and creativity thrive.”

Aparajita is an MBA and a law graduate. She has worked in senior management positions in the corporate sector. She is a qualified NLP Practioner and a life coach having trained in U.K.  under Dr. Richard Bandier. Since 2005, she has been running her own company. She has formally trained under Balaji B. Bange (BFA, MFA from J.J. School of Art).

The first impact: bright colours. On scrutiny, various images done with different kinds of forms. Final effect: good.
The exhibition closes tomorrow at Leela Art Gallery at Leela Hotel contact: 022-26052043. Mobile: 9930003100.

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