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Endless possibilities in paper art

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Environment stimulates Ingrid Pitzer in her creative work. “If an artist is receptive in daily life, a lot of “jewels” can be discovered on the way – even in the most ordinary things or situations. While working on one piece, ideas emerge for the next work. There are endless possibilities in paper art. With a strong colour, I can change the character of paper entirely: the originally subtle “easy speaking” appearance could become a space demanding “loudspeaker”… the intended work will never be what the artist wants. There is always a tiny little rest, a last word which the paper speaks itself. It is at the same time solid and fragile – the same qualities which humans have. It is our mirror.”

Paper art established itself in the first half of the 20th century. When Ingrid started working with paper, a new door opened for her. “The joy starts going into fields, parks and forests or even to local markets in search of plants – the raw maerial for making paper. An extensive procedure such as to cut, to peel, to dye – for hours and hours – turn cotton, banana, mulberry, hemp, sisal, pineapple – into paper. Almost every surface can be a mold for papermaking artistically. I experimented with wood, iron, granite, sandstone, earth, bark, plants, clothes, even with plastic.”

The exhibition starts today at Tao Art Gallery.

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