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‘Conversations with the body’ – at Jehangir

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

An exhibition titled “Conversations with the Body’ is on at the Jehangir Art Gallery and from April 25 at Cymroza Art Gallery. Artist: Sharanu Alloli.

The show bring out the artist’s talent and skill. He seems to have an open mind, self-belief and appeal. There is child-like innocence in his creative perceptions. He has a lot of personal experience which we can see in his works. Looking at the human body, Sharanu sees things that are mysterious and intriguing and delightful.

The body becomes a strong metaphor and inspiration for situating his ever changing moods, manners, struggles.

The background of his images is always an empty space, filled with a single colour – more often than not – red. The multiple sharp strokes that each of his images bears is not just because of a well-honed technique but because it is part of an intense and meditative act. Contact artist: 9823864327.

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