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‘Bushya’ by Pintu Paul

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

With heads bent sideways and with oval faces, Pintu Paul’s ‘Beshya’ present a sad picture. The top of the head is indicated by only circle – it looks as if the head is cut off. They are all fully clothed except at the waist. Pintu shows their ordinary, everyday side – not their sex life.

What he does on canvas is mostly based on what he observes and thinks. He is inspired by old art of Bengal. In this exhibition, he has depicted the oldest profession in the world. Once while making along “Beshya pada”, he said how they lived on the street. He was moved by their plight. They are entertaining some people, but they are neglected. They have no social life. They too are human. “I have tried to depict their life with respect.”

Pintu Paul creates art forms from his personal point of view. “My form and style is totally Indian.” His grandfather was a patter and father an ornament designer. Evidently art runs in the family. He has held so far 12 exhibitions.

Pintu Paul’s exhibition consisting of paintings and drawings are on view at the Jehangir Art Gallery. Mobile: 9830361795.

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