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Biswajeet Mondal: High levels of creative perceptions

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Biswajit Mondal has high levels of creative perceptions.  He uses symbols to convey messages. For instance, we see a  clown in a striped suit holding a female puppet by a string – expecting it to dowhat he says.Thewoman is  no more than a puppet in man’s hands.

Whenwe look atMondal’s paintings, we see a visually pleasant  compositions. We feel the beauty emanating from them. There is a certain reality, but everything is transformed. For instance, the head and face looks like a tea cup.   The handle of the cup is the ear.  There is a long, narrow eye. The cup has two red months – with red lips. They are there – providing  contrast to the sheer white cup.  The cup is covered with decorative bright coloured capswith a tail that tapers off to a point. All these changes in the images are deliberate  – and are meant to produce adesired effect.

Mondal evidently has skills and  well-developed language. The artist is able to express his thoughts, dreams and interpret his purpose and vision. He has the capacity for visualization and to bring out from the inner self suitable  forms and colours and use a bit of abstraction and symbolism – to produce high-calibre works.
The exhibition is at Jehangir Art Gallery till Sunday.

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