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Awadhesh Misra’s Vizooka

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

There is nothing absolute abstraction in paintings. There is always some form, though not be signifying something in particular, as a central point in a painting which actually represents some now to society and nature. Mere stroke of a brush creates a shape on canvas resembling the interstate of mind of an artist.

Artist Awadhesh Misra who exhibited his paintings at the Hirji gallery (Kala Ghoda) calls his show “Vizooka” which protects crops in the rural areas. The Vizooka sometimes appears as a ghost or a beast with its wide open arms and sometimes like a joker. To the artist, the Vizooka means many things: a protector, a witness, a pretext. “I have written Vizooka in my memory in many roles. It is those memories that guide the brush and dark of colours over the canvas… thus Vizooka is the base of my creations and is the seen of the past, present and future.

One of the big attractions of the artists’ works is the visual impact made by the bright and beautiful colours he uses. In one painting, on a blue surface, a silent yellow light produces a splendid visual impact.

About the colours he uses, Awadesh says that the dark and light colours depend on his mood. In a village there is radiance of yellows, reds, greys, whites of flowers or crops.

Centred round the Vizooka, the artist who is based in Lucknow has created some splendid work of art. The happenings in a village to which he was a witness when he was a child are still with him as so many memories. And apparently these colourful, vibrant memories have helped him create high-calibre works – with Vizooka as the centre.

The artist has high skills, an excellent sense of colour. His paintings are not cent per cent abstract, and there are some recognizable realistic images.
The exhibition which ended at Hirji yesterday will continue at Thane Kala Bhavan, Thane from June 2-10. Contact: Awadesh: +91 94150 22724.

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