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What is it like to be XXL where size zero rules?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Can’t Die for Size Zero by Vrushali Telang is pleasantly written and gets our vote, large-sized and large-hearted. It is also downright hilarious.
Joyeeta Naik is a professional who has been passed for promotion, is without a real man in her life, all because she measures XXL. The language is without pretensions, 
“Mummy I missed my promotion to Manasi Mehra.”
“You toh won’t listen to me…beta lose weight…how to say it in your marketing parlance…haan – packaging is also important, no?”
“Daddy don’t give me Rakesh’s calls. He called me fatso!”
“That rascal, I will slap him the next time he calls…So what if he’s right? That’s no way to treat a lady.”
The ultimate shove comes when her best friend offers to get her a slot in a makeover show on TV.
She decides she has had enough and it is time to shed off the excess and get rid of the plus-size tag – go all out for a total revamp. It would be great to surprise family and friends and kind of get back at some types in the office.
The route to a size zero diva is torturous, the numerous fancy diets, the exercises that are tedious and almost impossible to perform, directly dragging her away from her basic self.
She has always been a foodie and has loved the occasional swig of beer. Thirtyseven days to lose 10 kilos, all so that she can don a swimsuit in Goa! Can she reconcile the two selves and still pull it off, ultimately attaining size zero?
  • Can’t Die for Size Zero
    By Vrushali Telang
    Rupa Publications
    Price Rs.95

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