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Land of the faerie tales

Monday, September 06, 2010

Spells by Aprilynne Pike is a beautiful story of faeries, with lots of action and heady passionate moments. Laurel is torn between her human boyfriend, David and the charismatic faerie sentry and guide, Tamani. She is summoned back to Avalon, that dreamy place to spend her summer there honing up on her magical skills as a Fall faerie, but she cannot bear to tear herself away from her human family and friends.

There are dangers that she must save humans from and the gateway to Avalon lies hopelessly compromised. In David, she has a dear and kind friend, but Tamani stirs her passions. Tamani, who pines for her and is selfless in his love and sacrifice. Just when the trolls are about to get Laurel, mysterious Krea turns up with her band of troll hunters and saves her and David. Klea is a puzzle to her, human or otherwise.

As Laurel struggles to balance the human and faerie worlds, she knows she is heading for a painful and devastating upheaval, to which she is most vulnerable. Thrilling moments, and fast-paced adventures.

By Aprilynne Pike
Price Rs.325

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