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Addressing the deeper purpose and meaning of life

Monday, August 20, 2012

Timeless Leadership (18 Leadership Sutras from The Bhagavad Gita) by Debashis Chatterjee may not sound like a companion book to the two other books reviewed on this page, but it does offer to help one transcend above the petty self on one’s way to top charting one pathways with the guidance of  ancient wisdom.

As the author explains, The Bhagavad Gita, a timeless text of about 700 verses recounts an episode in the battle at Kurukshetra, where Krishna counsels Arjuna on varied topics ranging from the vast Cosmos to the inner-most soul of a human being, often referred to as the Self. For those who may wonder whether they should buy this invaluable book, we would suggest that they invest in it after reading About the following topics covered: 

SUTRA 1: The Warrior’s Journey (Leaders embrace discontinuity and death) sees chapters like All Wars Are First Fought in the Mind, The Ego Is a Disposable Idea. SUTRA 2: Invincible Wisdom (Leaders create alternative reality) has chapter like Grief, Pity, and Shame: The Mind’s GPS System, Motivation and the Monkey Mind, Applying Invincible Wisdom: Powered by the Intellect and Driven by Unselfishness. SUTRA 3: KARMA YOGA (Leaders enter the timeless cycle of action) with chapters like Arjuna’s Dilemma: The Warrior as Worrier, Karma Yoga: Work as Worship, Work as a Means of realizing Who We Are. SUTRA 4:

Timeless Leaders Pursue Purpose as the Source of Supreme Power which sees chapters like Rajarshi: The Leader as Sage, Twenty-Four-Hour Leadership.

SUTRA 5: Leadership is the Art of Undoing (The state of detached engagement) which explores, among others, Evolving to the Equality of Vision. SUTRA 6:

Leaders Are Masters of Their Minds (The Art and Practice of Meditation) Mastery of the Mind, The Power of Stillness. SUTRA 7: Leaders Are Integrators (The freedom of the ‘I Am’) From ego-centered to spirit-centered leadership. SUTRA 8: Timeless Leadership (Decoding the meaning of life) explores, among others, Meaningful work: A synthesis of reflection and action. SUTRA 9: The Sovereign Secret (Timeless leaders live in a self-organizing  universe) reflects upon When Organisation Becomes Community. SUTRA 10: Leadership Is An Adventure of Consciousnessexamines, among others, The Pursuit of Excellence. And there are eight more sutras to resolve and reconcile internal and external ambition and conflict. Go for it!

Timeless Leadership

By Debashis Chatterjee
Prism Books

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