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Un-Kool, Un-Mast

Friday, January 29, 2016
By Deepa Gahlot

Last week’s Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 did not just get the thumbs down from critics, but the young audiences it was supposedly aiming at, also turned up their noses at it.  This week’s Mastizaade trailer with its juvenile jokes and inordinate focus on the women’s breasts is in awful taste.

 This columnist had written a piece on why Grand Masti was not worth watching or reviewing… a recap: Reviewers are often asked why we bother to review some films—either the totally hopeless ones that won’t go beyond the first show, or the ones that are so obviously meant for a mass audience that negative reviews won’t make a dent. Some films really are critic proof and some deliberately provoke by their crudeness or violence, and then boast that they know the pulse of the audience.

So, for a change, this reviewer will play truant and not watch Mastizaade which, going by the trailers, takes lewdness to another level. If the censors have passed it and audiences are willing to watch it,  what can be said- it’s their time, money and choice of entertainment.

Such films are, by design, vulgar and sexist. The women are there to fulfil the bimbo quotient—act dumb, wear skimpy costumes and try not to look offended when the jokes are on them.  For films like this in the Kya Kool Hain Hum mould, respect for women is outside the ambit of commercial consideration. The target audience is the adolescent male, and maybe a young woman or two, who ‘doesn’t mind’ coarse humour, is ‘sporting’ about the sexism—and declares that she is not a feminist.  If Masti and Grand Masti were offensive in many ways, just the posters of Mastizaade are hideous.

Hollywood has its quota off the Guy Flick—American Pie being the template—about men going off the rails – getting drunk, stoned and losing their inhibitions, women being the target of most of the gags, no holding back the bawdiness.

This kind of humour is not just cheap, it smacks of desperation– do anything to make ‘em buy tickets. A large chunk of the audience is willing to leave its brains at home and are happy enough to get some ‘timepass.’ They don’t particularly care about the lack of good taste.

The best comedies are the clean ones that don’t disrespect anyone, but those require wit and a genuine sense of humour, which these fast-buck film-makers don’t possess. Sunny Leone stripping might turn on some men, but how can watching Tusshar Kapoor and other males make ‘horny’ faces, be anyone’s idea of entertainment?

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