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Tushaar’s the funny man in Bajatey Raho!

Friday, July 26, 2013
By Sandeep Hattangadi

Comedy has no limitations and this time, its horizon has been well explored by director Shashant A. Shah  of Chalo Dilli fame who brings to India the first revenge comedy—Bajatey Raho. This movie is not only a perfect amalgamation of comedy and reality but also brings an array of brilliant actors who are forced to believe in the concept of con versus con in order to win over evil. Know a little more about the movie as we get candid with Tusshar Kapoor who plays Sukhi in the film.

How was your experience working with Shashant A Shah?
I had seen Chalo Dilli and wanted to work with Shashant since then. I feel Shashant is a very involved and sincere director. He is a complete producer’s director and in my career, so far, I have never seen a director so economical. Shashant eats, drinks and sleeps with his film while on schedule. He is one of the hardest working directors I have known so I just hope that all his hard work translates well on screen.

How did the entire shooting schedule go?
It was a very tough schedule. In fact, by the time we were midway, I was already looking forward to a vacation. Everything was well planned.  There was no slackness  in work, it was fun because the long working hours made sure that everyone was constantly on their toes. This gave us all a lot of time to interact with each other and bond. There was constant chatting going on behind the camera. I have never really worked with these people before so by the time we packed up, we had all become good friends. There was more chemistry between us boys off screen than on screen with other actors.

How was your bonding with other members of the cast over the long shoot?
Vinay and I have known each other socially so we hit off well from the start but Ranvir and Dollyji are two people I had never interacted with. It was very refreshing. The whole unit was like a family, we had a lot of time to hang out together in Delhi. Everybody would keep pulling each other’s leg and I hope that it totally translates on screen as this was exactly what Shashant wanted. He wanted us to have fun and that fun to get into our characters and reach the audience.

And over and above all of this was my bonding with Ravi Kissen. He is a very senior actor and very desi at heart. We to talked for hours and enjoyed each other’s company.  

You have always preferred comedies over other genres. Is that true?
Not at all! If you see my last film Shoot Out at Wadala, I have played a totally different role from this one. Be it The Dirty Picture, Shor in the City, C Kkompany or even Gayab, I have always done serious cinema. I think it was my role in the Golmaal series that has started stereotyping my work. Today, even if you see my role in Bajatey Raho, it is much more realistic and unconventional—just like the film.

What did you like about this film?
I think the script is brilliant. The story and the journey are impactful and realistic. Despite the film revolving around a woman and three boys, all of us have an equally hero-type role. It’s a perfect amalgamation of romance, ambition, anger, fun and sensibility. This film, I feel, will add another feather to my cap.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.  
Right now I am in talks with Satish Kaushik for his next project. Simultaneously, I am also working for my first production and am on a lookout for a good script for the same.

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