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There is no honour in killing someone: Ajay Devgn

Friday, October 15, 2010

He is on a roll, both professionally and personally. With films like Raajneeti, Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge and his upcoming Aakrosh and Golmaal 3, Ajay Devgn is on top of the world. Sandeep Hattangadi, spoke to one of the most versatile and talented actors in Bollywood, Ajay Devgn.
1. Congratulations on being a father again…
Thank you.

2. You seem to be on a high with both your films and on the personal front…
I feel absolutely great. I am happy about my films which have already released and the ones that are due, especially Aakrosh and Golmaal. Yes, becoming a father the second time is a great feeling.

3. This is the first time you are doing a film with Priyadarshan
Yes, and I must say it’s one of his best works. It’s an action-thriller. I think, Priyadarshan is popular for his comedies he has had very intense films like Viraasat and Gardish. So seeing him tackle a serious issue like honour killings was good.
4. Tell us something about the character you play.
I play a CBI officer, Pratap Singh, who is given the task to solve a case of three missing Delhi University students in a village in Bihar. But then it’s as simple as it seems. As we uncover the case we face angry locals and corrupt local police.

5. What is your take on honour killings?

It’s the same as other educated people. Who gives anyone a right to kill someone? It cannot and should not be encouraged. It can’t be a solution or punishment for two people in love.

6. You are working with Akshaye Khanna after a long time…

Yes, the last time we did a film together was Deewangee where my role was negative to his positive one. In this, however, he heads the CBI team and is in charge of the entire investigation. It’s good to work with him and it never felt as if time had passed. Akshaye is reserved, and not media savvy like me. But that’s the way he functions.

7. The film deals with honour killings, how possessive are you about your sisters or the women in your family?

I am protective yes like any other brother would but possessive, no! I believe everyone is mature enough to make decisions and one can’t force people to do something against their wishes. There is no honour in killing someone!

8. Up next is the sequel to Golmaal and going by the zany promos, it looks to be a fun ride.
Its better, funnier and a festival bonanza for the audience.

9. Doesn’t it get difficult to come up with a funny script each time especially when with sequel, where expectations increase?
Yes, making comedies is a difficult job, especially for the writers. But then you try to make it all come together, put together a fun script, make it entertaining and hope it works.

10. Do you see the Golmaal brand getting bigger with every passing year?
(Smiles) Well, I certainly hope so and I would love for it to grow with every film.

11. Finally, you are one of the very few actors who have done films successfully in every genre. What do you attribute this to?

People’s love and appreciation for sure and I guess, my acting skills, scripts and good directors. As an actor, I strive to do justice to whatever film I choose to act in and when it is received and appreciated well, the feeling is of contentment and satisfaction.

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