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'‘The Good Road is a metaphor for life'

Friday, November 08, 2013

says Ajay Gehi who’s film, ‘The Good Road,’ which is India’s entry to the Oscars, is about to be released. Sandeep Hattangadi spoke to Ajay about his much lauded film and this is what he has to say.

What do you have to say about the Oscar nomination category controversy?
I don’t think there is any controversy. We should be happy that we have so many good films being made, that we are spoilt for choice. We all are in the same boat trying to make good cinema and to make a mark in the international market.

What is your character in the film and what is the film all about?
I play a character called David who is a photographer by profession and a loving father and husband. He doesn’t get bogged down by obstacles or hardships that life has to offer. However, he is not very successful in his career so he cannot afford the luxury of buying air tickets for his family and decides to take a road trip.

“The Good Road “ essentially is a metaphor for life itself. Life is a journey where we sometimes lose a few things and discover or rediscover others before we reach our destination. The road trip taken by the characters makes them discover a few things which they never had.

You have produced ‘Madholal Keep Walking’. What was it like? Do you plan to produce more films?
I became a producer by default. My friend had made the film and I loved it, so when he was facing problems I stepped in. Producing got me exposed to a whole lot of aspects of film making which you don’t know of as an actor. I understand the business of film making much better after that experience and can see things in a different perspective. I might produce more films later.

Which are the directors you would like to work with?
In recent times we have seen such diverse and good cinema that the list of directors I would like to work with is endless. But I would love to do another film with Mr. Gyan again.

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