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RGV takes potshots at Jesus after Orlando attack

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The Orlando night club shooting has sent  shock waves across the globe and Ram Gopal Varma feels that if Americans don't vote unanimously for Donald Trump, post this incident, then ‘only Allah can save them’

In his Twitter rant, RGV praised Donald Trump and took potshots at Jesus Christ and US President, Barack Obama.

''Americans reacting to Trump reminds me of telanganas reacting to KCR which proves telanganas are as super smart as Americans..Jai Telangana''.

''It's a joke ppl are praying for victims of Orlando shootings when it's same God who couldn't stop it..He's lesser God than God of Isis. Only @realDonaldTrump can do to the terrorists what the incompetent @BarackObama and @JesusHChrist had already failed to do.''

''Even though I belong to a community who @realDonaldTrumphates,only hope for America in particular nd world in general [email protected]

Americans have only two choices..Either let @realDonaldTrump bless them or @allah bless them. Since Jesus Christ repeatedly proved that he can't "May Allah Bless America. Orlando killings prove that terrorists biggest weapon is surprise and no one can predict a surprise because if predicted, it's not a surprise."

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