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Ranveer Singh: Debuting in style!

Friday, December 10, 2010
By Sandeep Hattangadi

Ranveer Singh is the latest stud in town with his macho looks and supple dancing body. He makes his debut in YRF’s ‘Band Baaja Baarat’ opposite Anushka Sharma. We caught up with Ranveer at a press meet of the film. Here is what the new poster boy in B-Town has to say

How did you end up becoming an actor?
I’ve wanted to be an actor since I was a child. And Yash Raj has given me the opportunity to become one.

When you read the script for the first time, what did you feel?

Maneesh had already narrated to me the first half. By the time he had reached the fifth page, I had already started imagining and planning how I would structure the character. It was my natural instinct to start processing in my head how I would create this character. It was just a very easy read. I loved the first half so much that I was absolutely curious to know what the second half was going to be.

The thing that stood out to me was Bittoo! It was such a fun character; he was such an endearing cool guy.

Tell us something about Bittoo Sharma…

The good thing about being an actor is you get to play so many characters; you get to be so many people. I am so happy I got to play this part. Bittoo is a Delhi University chap - a typical loafer, always doing masti with friends. He has no interest in studies.

Maneesh Sharma, the director is from Delhi. What help did you get from him?

At first I was struggling with the reading. But once I came back from Delhi, I was flying. I wasn’t only doing exactly what they were looking for, but adding to it! I had absorbed so much of the world in the film, that they were thrilled. Once I went to Delhi, I had mastered where the character was from, his background, his setting etc.

Was it easy bringing that typical Dilli accent into your acting then?

Even though I went to an English medium school, Hindi was our main language.

You both play wedding planners in the film. How did you put this into your character?
I only learnt and studied the character which you will see first in the film, when he is a university boy. He is also planning a wedding for the first time, and going to places in Delhi for the first time. So I let that be a new experience for me too. That was why I could be most natural; it would all be new for me, not rehearsed, so I could act it out well.

How is Maneesh Sharma as a director?

Maneesh is crazy! He is a ‘raging bull’ on the sets! He has a very clear vision.
He knows what he’s saying; he knows his style, his vision of the end product is so clear! It just makes everyone’s job so easy. You just have to take instructions from him. That’s what is remarkable.

Did dancing come easy to you?

For my first audition, I was required to enact a couple of scenes, but the second one required me to dance! Maneesh rolled the camera and said pick your song! I chose My Name Is Lakhan and Chaiya Chaiya.

In the feedback, they said you can dance, you have rhythm but your moves are terrible!

How would you sum up your whole experience?

I hope I do many more films in my life but ‘BBB’ will just be that special one! I feel really lucky to play a superb character like Bittoo in my first film. The people I worked with are so awesome. They are so good at their work. YRF has spoilt me to bits. I am so thankful to Adi sir. I owed it to him and I’ve tried to give it my best shot. I’ve given it everything. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. The kind of growth and personal development during ‘BBB’ has been the best, the coolest, the most fun and most satisfying thing I’ve done in my life.

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