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'My son is keeping me on my toes'

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Actress Kareena Kapoor Khan has revealed that though she was wary about her post-pregnancy look, she wants her fans to accept her in all phases.

"I did not know what's in store for me post pregnancy. I did not know what this phase would be like. I am a lot more energetic, happy and content. I am working, multitasking and enjoying every day," said Kareena.

"Everything has been changing around in the nine months and it takes time to get back (in shape). I remember telling Rujuta that let's get back to 'Tashan' diet (referring to her 'size zero' look) and she told me we can't do it and we need to do it in progression," said the 36-year-old star.

Actresses are often under the scanner for their weight gain post pregnancy and Kareena too was talked about on the social media and called overweight post delivery of her son in December last year.

"How can somebody say I am overweight? We are monitored always. I want people to accept me in every phase," she said.

According to Rujuta, Kareena's diet has been sustainable and she is glowing and looking good.

"I have heard one should not have dairy products but Rujuta thinks otherwise. I have been having a glass full of milk, yogurt. I have bajra roti with ghee, jaggery, rice twice a day - morning and night - or khichdi. It's about eating right kind of food and in the right proportion, quantity," said the actress.

Besides following the diet, Kareena said she walks, which according to her is the best form of an exercise. "I do walk. At my house, if I sit with my son in my arms he cries and so I walk around the house. He wants me to walk. He is keeping me on my toes. He is preparing me for the future, for the days to come," she added.

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