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Method actor Nandish smokes; chokes on 50 cancer sticks!

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Critics have lauded it unanimously, hailing it as “the best thriller of 2016.” 'Girl In Red', a 15-minute short flick streaming on YouTube stars Nandish Singh Sandhu and is helmed by Saurabh Varma ('Mickey Virus').

Method actor Sandhu truly got into the skin of his character, a writer who faces the classic “writer's mind-block”. Being a stickler for perfection, Sandhu was ready to put himself through the (cinematic) grind to achieve commendable results.

Reportedly, Sandhu smoked severely for two days at a stretch, since he didn't want it to look unreal on screen. For a complicated scene in ‘Girl In Red,' Sandhu had to smoke more than 50 cigarettes in a span of six hours!

The feat ended up in Sandhu coughing himself hoarse and nursing a sore throat infection. This, despite director Varma warning him to go easy on the cancer stick. However, the actor managed to pull off the scene without letting anyone zero in on the pain that he was enduring.

Produced by Pocket Films and Weaving Entertainment, 'Girl In Red' also showcases Rohit Khurana and Nazia Davison.

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