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Kangna Sharma makes a ‘Masti’ Debut

Monday, July 18, 2016
By Cheryl Athaide

Debutante Kangna Sharma, who is super glad to have made her debut with the 'Great Grand Masti' cast, talks about her dream to become an actress. The ADC spoke to the confident actress about her big break, here is what she had to say..

What made you get into acting? Tell us about your background.
My native place is Haryana. I completed my education from the Kurukshetra University. I began my journey from there, after which I moved to Delhi and started working. I wanted to become an army officer, and pursued three years of the NCC (National Cadet Corps) course. But destiny has to play its role. I took a step forward and got into modelling. Since I looked good on camera, I believed it would be a great deal to do movies. And here I am! Mumbai has been treating me so well. I have got the opportunity to work with such a good banner, Balaji, and Maruti International. Now finally, it got released in such a big way!

How far have you progressed as a model? You sure are aware of the stiff competition in the film industry. Do you feel confident enough to stay in the field? Do you feel welcome in the industry?
Yes, I am sure about my talent and confident enough. I agree that there is huge competition in the glamour industry. But luck and destiny decide who should stay. When you have confidence, you will survive and make it to the top. Yes, I do feel welcome in the glamour world, that is why I have got the best series of 'Masti' with stars Aftab, Ritesh, and Vivek, which makes me feel very special. Initially, I never wanted to be a model. To tap my talent in the glamour world, I gave it a try. I did well, it was a great experience.

''Great Grand Masti'', being an adult comedy based film, do you think it is a good start? Would it boost your future ? Did you have any inhibitions while signing for the film? Were you nervous?
Yes, I found my self fortunate to work with the banner. I am thankful to the Director Inder Kumar. I hope this movie will be a boost to my career. There were no second thoughts on signing the film. In fact, I was very happy to have got the opportunity.

You always had a dream to join the armed forces. Your desire was to serve the nation, right from school. What  got you to divert from a big decision like that? Do you think it was worth it?
Yes, I wanted to. My entire family is in the army and police force. Like I said, it depends on where destiny leads you. And yes, of course it is worth it and the best thing that has happened to me!

What was it like to work on the film sets? Tell us about your rapport with the cast.
On the first day of the shoot, I was really nervous but at the same time, excited. In my debut film, I got the chance to work with a big director, who has directed ''Beta'', ''Dil'', ''Mann'', ''Dhamaal'' series and of course, the ''Masti'' series, which involved a big cast. I was quite nervous, but got along with the trio of stars really well!

Now that the film has released, what is your take on it?
We have all given our best and done an amazing job. This is the biggest comedy film in our cinema. I can say this confidently because, it takes a lot to make people laugh, it’s not an easy task.

You do know about the news of the online leak. Also, the film has mostly got a less than mediocre rating, widely. What do you have to say about it? Do you think the film will still do well at the box office?
Well, opinions are individual. The movie has apparently got a good rating outside the city.  I am sure that the movie will soon break the record, and I don't think it will be affected by the online leak. This is gonna be a super hit!

How do people follow you on social media?
I connect with all via Facebook and Instagram.

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