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I will die rather than crack under pressure: SRK

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

As someone who considers fame a blessing, Shah Rukh Khan says he works best with the pressure that comes with his stardom. "I feel when there is no pressure, life is lazy. When you try new things you are going to fail... When you are going to fail you feel bad... But you have to keep trying and not crack under pressure," Shah Rukh told reporters here.

"In my life, there have been sad moments, moments when I have been down but I don't crack under pressure at all. May be one day I will die because of it but I will not crack under pressure," he said at a TAG Heuer event Monday night. When asked about an actor who does not crack under pressure, SRK took comedian Johnny Lever's name.

"I think from the ones who I have seen don't crack under pressure even in worst situations is Johnny Lever. Even under pressure he is cracking jokes... He is really cool.

"I have been with him when the situations are very tough. He is someone you can always turn to when you need strength. I enjoy working with him," he said about "Dilwale" co-star.

Being a public figure is not easy but SRK enjoys his celebrity status.

"I love being a celebrity. I think the nicest gift God can give anyone that you are recognised. There are small little prices... Sacrifices. Actually, small little things that you have to give up like eating at your regular restaurant etc. If I don't have people waiting outside my home when I am driving out... I feel really sad," he said.

"I feel it is fantastic being a celebrity. I don't like any celebrity who says that I want to be unknown or don't want to be recognised. You got a chance to be recognised be thankful to God for giving this opportunity."

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